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Showing posts from March 11, 2008

Still Learning

I was chatting with my sister the other day and she said to me, '"now that you've got this book finished and sent away, guess that means you're an expert."

I had to smile at that. Regardless of how many books you write, pubish, edit, or think of you are never going to be an expert. Prime example, a very generous lady offered to proof the full manuscript in its completed form for me.

She sent back the first chapter with editorial suggestions...even though it's been looked at by two (count 'em Two) professional editors. Do I value her opinion, your darned right I do! I want this book to sell and if that means that I have to make more changes even though I've already submitted apartial, then I can make changes.

Writing isn't about becoming perfect, its about learning to test yourself and others by creating something tangible that is magical. Only a few ever truly learn the true lessons behind writing...some give up long before they ever get to the end o…