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Showing posts from November 15, 2009

Book Signings the frustrations and the joys

With several books now available, I was honored when a local bookstore asked me in for a booksigning. Like any author, I ordered a few of each of my books in both print and ebook (CD's) and prepared to wow the crowds.

I got there an hour early - set up, got organized, made sure my pens worked and waited. Waited for friends, co-workers, family - who'd said they'd be there but didn't show up. By the time my signing was over, I'd become almost resigned to its failure. After all how can it be a success when I sold one book and talked to a few people - who asked questions but didn't make a purchase?

Yet it wasn't a complete frustrating failure. Oh no, by making one sale I have my book(s) in another persons hands. There was another lady there as well who gave me her card and said "call me". Is she a buyer? Yes, she is. She owns a book store several hours away from my hometown. And i will definitely be calling her.

As well, I learned a few other tidbits abo…