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Moonlight at Water's Edge

Moonlight streaked across the rolling waves. Warm water lapped at her ankles as she stared out over the water. Hot, sultry, the winds tangled in her hair, kissing her neck. Kneeling, she dropped the single red rose in the surf, the flower blurred by the tears in her eyes.
A hand pressed against her abdomen, the band of gold cool against her flesh. Beneath her touch, her baby kicked. Laughing through her tears, she turned to stroll back along the wet sand to the lawn chair open beneath the palm trees.
“Tears? Are you sad, this night my love?”
She smiled at the warmth and devotion in the rich baritone. Lifting her hand she clasped his hand, pulling him closer. “How can I be sad this night, my darling? We’re together and we will always be now. Nothing can separate us.”
“To eternity then,” he handed her a frosty glass and tapped its rim with his own. “To eternity, love, and our son.”
“To love and our son.” She sipped at the spicy fruit drink, her eyes on the waves. Yes, it would be eter…

Welcome to our Beach party...

Starting January 5th, the amazing authors of Beachwalk Press are doing a round robin story telling tour. Stop by the blogs and leave a comment. We're posting 100-500 word snippets of our micronovels on our blogs once a week to be collected and put into a PDF for everyone to download free at Beachwalk Press this year!

Want to know where we are and who's on deck? Here's the schedule and links
Patricia Bates 1/5/12
Lacey Wolfe 1/6/12
Tamaria Soana 1/7/12
Ella Jade - 1/8/12
Theresa Stillwagon - 1/9/12
Kylie Newell 1/15/12

Official Unveiling...

Please join me this week as I unveil the latest and greatest design for my website. After having outgrown my previously delectable design, I got Christina from Sweet 'N Spicy Designs to build a new one. Its sultry, sexy, and hot!!!

She did a fantastic job and I'm so proud to unveil this masterpiece. Stop by and leave me a comment, or respond here on my blog this week only and on Friday I'll be collecting all the entrants for an ecollection of my entire library (currently contains 8) books. Happy reading and stop on by to see the amazing design.

Patricia Bates
Author Site