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Showing posts from August 8, 2010

Keeping a positive attitude

Recently, I had the unpleasant experience of having my work put down by another person whom I have never met. Now normally this would not bother me to the extent that I'd want to bash my head against the wall, but this time the problem wasn't so much what I had done...but what I had failed to get done due to a glitch in timing.

Needless, to say, it put me in a bad mood for a few hours. Until I realzized that no matter how hard a person tries there are always going to be people out there willing and eager to step on your toes. To crush your spirit and wallow in your misery like a sponge soaking up spilled coffee. There are two means of dealing with this event....

1. Wallow in my anger and frustration and possibly send an email that I will come to regret as soon as I hit that send button - or shortly thereafter. This will garner me one result and one result only - the total amassed satisfaction of doing the na-na-na-nana before I come to my senses and realize I'm a grown wom…