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Hometown Miracle Part Two

Due to a scheduling glitch this is a wee bit late. Happy reading!

“Mommy?” Sleepy, warm, the soft voice pulled her from the memory. Lifting her gaze to the mirror, Leanne smiled. “Hi, baby. Have a good nap?” “Are we there yet?” “Not yet, a few more minutes. Is Mr. Tickles awake too?” “Yep, we’re hungry, Mommy. Can we have something to eat?” Leanne smiled, even in the face of disaster, some things never changed. Reaching into the diaper bag she’d packed, she pulled out a small plastic bag and opened it with her teeth before setting in on the arm rests of her daughter’s car seat. The smell of apples filled the car as Leanne pulled off the highway at the turnoff to her hometown. Her stomach twisted into knots as she got closer to the edge of town. She’d run from town five years before, alone, scared, broken-hearted after her boyfriend had dumped her. Running hadn’t eased the pain of knowing he hadn’t really been into her, it had only made it worse. Now she was back, maybe this would be the last…