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Summer Party Day two

1.Patricia Bates – Blog: 2.Joanne Troppello – Blog: 3.Kay Springsteen – Blog: 4.Anne K. Albert – Blog: 5.Gabrielle Bisset – Blog:
Heather Haven ~ Have you ever gone anywhere exotic on vacation? Yes! I’ve been very lucky. We’ve traveled a lot of Europe but I think the Amalfi coast was the most spectacular.There’s a reason why poets through the ages have liked it the best!
Heather Haven ~ What’s your favorite summer time drink? Mai tai. Anything with rum!
Heather Haven ~ Do you live close to the ocean? Do you have a favorite beach you used to visit as a child? Miami Beach as a lot of great beaches. But I have to say, CrandonPark near Miami. Groups of us went there all the time. There’s a zoo, as well. I remember we would periodically hear the lifeguard’s whistle, and have to get out of the ocean because schools of sharks were swimmin…