Monday, March 3, 2008

The end of the Second Annual Reader's Choice Awards

With only a week left for voting on the Second Annual Reader's Choice Awards for one of my favorite fan fic groups I've really been pressed with time.

This is the second year that I've organized and run these awards. This has been a major undertaking, and not something that is as easy as one might think. I've learned a great deal in the past two years, and not all of it has been pleasant.

I was rather shocked by the responses I got from some. These awards were designed to showcase the skill and talent of the authors for a specific group, yet a lot of people figured it should be for anyone who had a story.

Now, I have no objections to highlighting talent. Heck if we didn't do that we wouldn't have the Oscar's, what I do object to is when people refuse to participate because they don't archive their work in one place - which just happens to be the place that's hosting the awards.

Which isn't to say that I don't think all the excellent author's shouldn't be shown our appreciation. I do believe that if you're brave enough to write it and post it then you should be recognized.

I hope to carry what I've learned with organizing these awards forward, and make next years even bigger and better than this one.

Until next time, I'll bench my rant and move on. Have a great day. If you'd like some good reading, click on Shadowlady's (mine) link to your left, it'll take you to the WRbeta archive and some really good fan fiction featuring none other than the X-Men!