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Today's Guest Bernadette Marie

An Interview With Regan Keller of The Executive’s Decision:
By Bernadette Marie

Today I am sitting with Regan Keller who is featured in Bernadette Marie’s, The Executive’s Decision.

Bernadette: Regan, you recently moved back to Nashville after having lived in Hawaii and California.How does it feel to be back?”
Regan: It is wonderful.There is nothing like coming back to where your family is.I have the most wonderful parents, very supportive.Of course my brother Carlos is here with his children, and my younger brother Curtis as well.

Bernadette: You have a sister too, right?
Regan: Yes!She is my older sister, which I like to point out.Arianna, is an actress.She just opened in her first Broadway production.I couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

Bernadette: You have a very eclectic family.Tell us about that.
Regan: The Kellers are certainly unique.My parents were both born in Germany and moved here when they were younger.My mother’s accent is a mix of her native German and Tennessee Southern Drawl.…