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Showing posts from March 25, 2008

The long weekend is over but it brought its fair share of surprises

Happy belated Easter to everyone.

Long weekends are typically for kicking back and doing nothing - except soaking up the sun. However, this weekend shall go down in the anal's of history for me because I got a reply from the publisher!

Yes, you heard me. I wasn't expecting anything back until early April but there it was Saturday night when I opened my email. She read my partial with interest and wanted the full manuscript at my earliest convenience. My husband looked at me funny and said what's up so I told him...typically he didn't give much of a response but that's okay, everyone I promptly phone and told was jumping for joy with me.

So much work was done on my manuscript and now its like yes, yes yes!!! I've got a final read over from my beta and then I'll shoot it off. Hopefully she'll email me back in a few weeks and say Here's a contract, sign it!

Easter...its now become one of my favorite long weekends of all time - besides Christmas and my bir…