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A huge thank you

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who stopped by and put their work up for discussion. Its appreciated and I'm hopeful that everyone learned something - even if it was to keep plugging away at it.

Four or five years ago I had the pleasure of having a piece flogged by Mr. Rhamey - and I have to say it was one of the most emotional, most wrenching experiences of my life because I was new, I had visions of my great talent and skill, and had the ego of a newbie.

So when he gave me his thoughts I was torn...but I realized inshort order that what he said made sense. Not only did I take what he said to heart - but I went on to revamp things and I have to admit that the book he flogged, that I had nearly thrown out, went on to be contracted, published, and made the number 1 best seller list for Champagne books in May of 2009.

If anything, the experience taught me that while the truth isn't always a bed of roses, sometimes you have to pluck out the thorns and keep digging for th…