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Man O War

He was my greatest love,
never to be labeled a gentleman
A magnificent creature the likes I never thought,
Could exist to us mortal souls.

How wrong I was,
he was alive, he loved, he hated.
Above all he ran,
for his spirit was ever free.

Like a man driven,
A shadow chased by demons,
Like a breath of wind
a chestnut devil on a cloud.

He was my inspiration
my reason for living
Now alas I am alone
Like so many times

Yet I do not grieve,
for he lives in my heart, in the wind on my face.
He still races under me
his hooves pounding the turf

My inspiration, my hopes,
I still hold them close
For he has given them to me,
That great Thoroughbred, Man O' War.

Patricia Bates 01/03/96