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My Summer by Jesse Hendrix

Wind Haven High School Sanction NHLiving With A VampireLiving with a vampire is not what every Edward Cullen loving teen would hope. My mother and I have been the only humans in Sanction since I was born so I know. That isn't Coolade in the fridge, those are juice boxes filled with blood. I learned early that in the Vittori house wine glasses are not used for wine. The assignment is to talk about my summer right? What I did before starting my Freshman year at WHHS? Answer: I babysat a vampire. Baby Marcus. He may look 15 but really I estimate his age at about 5. "That's my video game controller." "That is my leftover pie." "That is my book get your own." I spent two months being told to get my own. My Summer? About the same as every other day, month, year of my life. - Jessie HendrixWelcome to SanctionYear One: Volume IBy Dylan Strickland, Terry Kate, Ashley Renee So if you want to find out more - See the location…