Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please welcome Amoda Ni Cormac from Ireland

Welcome to everyone, I'm glad you could join us. Today we'll be having a short chat with Amoda Ni Cormac from the lush green of Ireland's shores. Welcome Amoda.

Thank ye for having me.

PB: My readers have been wondering about you. You're not the typical 'slave', you can read the written word, speak several dialects, and follow two independent religions. Where did you learn so much for someone so very young?

AC: Tis the truth that I am educated, a rarity amongst slaves in Brattilhid. In fact none of the others I met spoke more than their master's tongue. But I was not always a slave, when I was very, very young I was stolen from my home by the Gaill King Tyr. Thrust into the darkness of my captivity, my learning was my only escape.

PB: You refer to Tyr as a Gaill - what does that mean?"

AC: Gaill is a celtic word that means invader. In the dialect of my people, Vikings were considered intruders, foreigners. It is a term we have always used.

PB: Your teacher, Rognvalder, forgive me if I miss pronounce it, is hardly one I would think to be a teacher for a young child.

AC: Its pronounced Rog Val Dr. Nay he is not a suitable instructor in anything clean and decent. I have often felt the disgust turn my own stomach and I have known him a great number of seasons.

PB: With so much upheaval in your life, how can you be so calm, so accepting of the man who is your Lord?

AC: The Gods had long ago written my fate, it is a rarity for a mortal to tempt them with his cunning. Mykyl is a good man, a fine leader - and his loyalties do not lie within his own family. He has given me much, how can I do less for him?

PB: If there was one thing in this world you could alter what would it be?"

AC: There is nothing I could change. Were I to change my family being murdered, I would have been wed to a Tuath from a neighboring clan. Change the darkness and horror of growing within Rognvaldr's house - I would not have learned to heal. Nay, there is no room for change. I would but erase a shadow or two but even then, Nay, nay. There is one thing I would change. I would fight for my lord, I would not run from him with such fear as I have done.

PB: What was your impression of the woman King Tyr selected as a bride for Mykyl?

AC: Humours laughter - A hollow stone. Frail and weak. She would never have survived here. Nor would she have been woman enough for a man of such passion. 'Tis better that she went back whence she came.

PB: How do you feel about the conflicts that have plagued your homeland for so very long?

AC: I have never known peace so what is war? It is necessary to rid the green fields of the vermin that slink about through it. I would but wash my lord's kingdom clean with the blood of his enemies, but alas, I cannot.

PB: Thank you for your time, with a small babe it is rare to have a few moments of peace and quiet.

AC: Aye, 'tis true. But my son and my daughter are both delights to me and my lord and husband. I would give him a houseful before I am finished.

Please join us next week as we talk to her husband and the Lord of Woodstown himself. Until then, thank you for joining us and take care.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Interview with Kelly Thompson

1. What was your inspiration to begin writing and when did you start?

When I was a kid I spent hours writing stories; besides reading, that’s what I loved to do. Life as an adult kind of pushed that aside for many years. I tried for a while when my kids were young, but it just didn’t work. A couple of years ago, I read a really good book. Okay, I’ll even name it. It was A Date With the Other Side by Erin McCarthy. It was laugh-out-loud funny, sexy, with characters who felt real. And I wanted to do that. Combined with the fact that my kids are getting older and I actually have some time to myself, I decided instead of sitting in front of the television every night I would do something productive and give writing a shot again.

2. When you write, how do you go about it? Are you a pantser or plotter?

I began totally as a pantser. I sat down with characters in my head and wrote my first story. And although I’ve never submitted it anywhere, I think it actually isn’t bad in terms of plot. (The writing is a whole other story!!) But in my last few books I’ve been trying to plot more. I can’t figure everything out, but I try to identify what my turning points will be, my crisis, climax and resolution. And I think about some possible ideas for the plot. But if I’m coming up blank, I find the best thing to do is just start writing and the characters make things happen! It amazes me the things they do!!

3. What do you find to be the most difficult about the craft of writing and why?

Definitely the “selling” part. Sending query after query after query is tedious when I’d rather be writing. Then the rejections are all discouraging. And then even when you do publish, the promotion work is hard for me. I’m not a hugely outgoing person and while I want people to read and enjoy my stories, I wish I didn’t have to tell them about them all by myself! Like, I’ll be sending out an announcement to friends and family and I was going to add at the bottom “Please don’t feel obligated to buy and read this book.” What kind of selling is that???

4. What's your favorite thing about the genre you write in?

I write contemporary/erotic romance and I have to admit I love hot love scenes. I like reading them and I like writing them. But to make them “hot” there has to be an emotional connection between the two (or three!!) characters, also between the characters and the reader. That’s what I strive for.

5. Why did you pick the publisher you went through?

I picked Samhain because they have a great reputation in e-publishing and they publish some fantastic authors, ones I know and like. I’m really proud to be a Samhain author.

6. Can you tell us a bit about your journey to publication - the highs and lows?

It’s like a roller coaster, isn’t it? Writing the book excites me. I especially love it when I solve a plot problem - I just feel exhilarated! I love it when I go back and read something I wrote and I think, damn that’s good! Then I send the queries and wait and wait and then the rejections come and I think, damn I guess that wasn’t so good. It’s hard not to get discouraged at first. I also had some discouraging experiences with critique partners who weren’t supportive at all, and was very close to quitting. Then – a sale! That first sale is definitely a high! I actually made two sales within a week of each other – major excitement! That gives the confidence a boost, which is good because that’s not the end of the rejections! Those just keep coming. It was a real low when my second submission to Samhain was rejected. That really hurt, but I did sell that story to someone else. And now I have made a second sale to Samhain, I’m happy to say!

7. Your cover art is amazing; do you believe the artists captured the essence of your stories?

Yes I think so. I know they’re working from stock images and are limited with what they can do, but I also got feedback from the artist at Cobblestone Press that she had an easy time because I put so much detail into my cover art form, so by the third time I had learned the more information you give the artist to work with the better. She got it exactly right. A cover is so important, but as a new author, any cover with my name on it is thrilling!

8. If someone were to ask you for advice on writing and publishing a book, what would you tell them?

Just do it! (As Nike says!) Many years ago when I first gave writing romance a try, I thought I’d send out queries but not bother writing the story unless someone was interested! Very efficient, except you only learn writing by doing it. Even though I’ve written so many books nobody will ever read, each one was a learning process. So write, write, write. And learn wherever you can. Take on-line courses, read and study books about writing, and find a great critique partner.

Thank you Kelly, if you have a comment or question for our special guest please leave a response and she'll do her best to get back to you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kelly Jamieson's "Love Me" Is OUT!

Congratulations to Kelly Jamieson on her release this month.

“Love Me” by Kelly Jamieson

Read An Excerpt OnlineGenre: ,
ISBN: 978-1-60504-194-0Length: Short StoryPrice: 2.50Publication Date: September 16, 2008Cover art by Scott Carpenter

How far does she have to go to get his attention?

Melina Wenham is worried and frustrated. Lately, her boyfriend of six months seems to have lost interest in her. Yes, she knows he’s stressed about his big project at work, but jeez, it seems like he’d rather go solo than have sex with her. Sexy lingerie, a Brazilian…nothing seems to get his attention.

Gavin’s frustrated too. He’s under enough pressure at work, without feeling more from Melina every time he gets home.

Another night, another party, and Gavin is off talking to the boys. Feeling ignored yet again, Melina confides her troubles to an acquaintance, Abby, who suggests shaking him up by flirting with another guy. Hmm. Not a bad idea, except there are no flirt-worthy guys at this party.
Then Abby suggests a different tack—flirt with her.

Could a little girl-on-girl tango be the match that reignites romance with Gavin? There’s only one way to find out…

I read the excerpt and have to say - this is well worth the time to check it out! Congrat's Kelly.

Kelly will also be appearing during this week to talk about her writing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interview with Holly Walker star of upcoming Novella

Welcome, today's guest is Holly Walker, the heroine of Christmas For The Cowboy due out Dec. 08 through Blade publishing.

Hello Mrs. Walker, its a pleasure to have you with us today.

Holly: "The pleasure's all mine. I'm glad to be here."

Interview with Holly Walker

You’ve been involved with rodeo in some capacity all your life, what got you hooked on rodeo?

HW: I started riding when I was six, my grandfather got me started. I competed in 4-H for two years before I got the competitive bug. By the time I was nine years old I’d been touring the show circuit. When I went to the local rodeo and horse show my friend dragged me with her to watch the cowboys. After watching the speed of the barrel racers, the skill, the horses I began to think I’d like to do that. When I was ten I signed up for my first rodeo and never looked back. You could say the cowboys got me hooked.

Do you ever wish you’d done anything other than the rodeo?

HW: I’ve done a lot of different things. I’ve done rodeo, shown, you name it I’ve done it. But I’ve also got a lot of other skills that most people who see my buckles don’t know about. I’m a qualified seamstress; in fact I run my own sewing shop from the ranch. I run a bed and breakfast, and maintain the ranch by myself because Ty’s constantly away from home.

When did you meet Ty?

HW: I met him at the local rodeo the second year I was Pro Rodeo. I’d seen him before then, I knew the name, the family – you don’t walk in the rodeo world more than a day and not hear about the Walkers but a formal meeting didn’t come until I was a teenager.

What was it about Ty that’s kept you with him so long?

HW: His love. We were kids trying to live in an adult world and by the time we realized what was happening we’d already gone too far. Things haven’t been the greatest for a couple of years but I love him too much to just abandon him without trying to save our marriage.

How has the rodeo affected your marriage with Ty on the circuit 50 weeks out of the year and you at home?

HW: It’s put a strain where there wasn’t one. I love Ty and I know he loves me. But no marriage can survive weeks, months of separation without some connection. I don’t regret giving up the rodeo; I just wish that Ty would realize that he’s more than the rodeo. Doubts, lonely nights, fears, they’ve created a gap between us. He’s young, sexy as hell and there are a lot of temptations out there that no man in his right mind would be blind to – I just try to support him and enjoy the moments when he’s at home.

What made you come up with the Christmas Getaways?

HW: The rode is full of temptations and buckle bunnies who would be only to happy to crawl into bed with a winner. For me the Christmas Getaway is my way of giving Ty a chance to explore his fantasies, his desires for sex outside of marriage and still be faithful.

What’s different about this year’s getaway?

HW: A few things. An unexpected, unplanned pregnancy for one. I’m excited about the baby but I’m scared to. I don’t want to raise a child alone; I want to have my husband with me. This year that may not happen. When he learns of the baby, he may not choose us. When this week is over, our lives have to go back to some semblance of normalcy, and I’m not prepared to have an absentee father and husband any longer.

Thank you Holly, for sitting down with us today. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first child.

HW: Thanks so much for having me. Merry Christmas.