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My Summer by Jesse Hendrix

Wind Haven High School Sanction NH

Living With A Vampire

The Wind Haven Wolves High School logoLiving with a vampire is not what every Edward Cullen loving teen would hope. My mother and I have been the only humans in Sanction since I was born so I know. That isn't Coolade in the fridge, those are juice boxes filled with blood. I learned early that in the Vittori house wine glasses are not used for wine. The assignment is to talk about my summer right? What I did before starting my Freshman year at WHHS? Answer: I babysat a vampire. Baby Marcus. He may look 15 but really I estimate his age at about 5. "That's my video game controller." "That is my leftover pie." "That is my book get your own." I spent two months being told to get my own. My Summer? About the same as every other day, month, year of my life.

- Jessie Hendrix

The Sanction Chronicles Young Adult Series

Welcome to Sanction

Year One: Volume I

By Dylan Strickland, Terry Kate, Ashley Renee

So if you want to find out more - See the locations and materials available and get involved with The Sanction Chronicles.

Welcome To Sanction - The Sanction Chronicles - Year One Volume One

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Welcome to Sanction, the 3rd largest all paranormal town in the USA and Wind Haven High School accepting students from the werewolf, witch, and vampire community. September 1: The Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft is burned to the ground leaving the teens from Sanction's three biggest powers with only one place to go... Now if the Witches can avoid Non-Witches, the Werewolves don't tear anyone apart, and the Vampires keep their mouths shut Wind Haven High School might survive. IF...

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Rhys Bowen Facebook Live Chat

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Launching September 15, 2011

Publisher's Corner is Now LIVE!!!

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Publisher's Corner

Today's Guest Bernadette Marie

An Interview With Regan Keller of The Executive’s Decision:

By Bernadette Marie

Today I am sitting with Regan Keller who is featured in Bernadette Marie’s, The Executive’s Decision.

Bernadette: Regan, you recently moved back to Nashville after having lived in Hawaii and California.  How does it feel to be back?”

Regan: It is wonderful.  There is nothing like coming back to where your family is.  I have the most wonderful parents, very supportive.  Of course my brother Carlos is here with his children, and my younger brother Curtis as well.

Bernadette: You have a sister too, right?

Regan: Yes!  She is my older sister, which I like to point out.  Arianna, is an actress.  She just opened in her first Broadway production.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

Bernadette: You have a very eclectic family.  Tell us about that.

Regan: The Kellers are certainly unique.  My parents were both born in Germany and moved here when they were younger.  My mother’s accent is a mix of her native German and Tennessee Southern Drawl. It is precious.  My parents adopted my sister and me when I was just a baby.  In fact, they were our foster parents.  I’ve been with them since I was three months old and Arianna was two.  She is my blood sister.  Curtis is their only biological child.  Now Carlos didn’t become my brother until we were both seven.  His family moved here from Puerto Rico.  But an unfortunately his parents were killed in a car accident.  Our families had grown close, and my parents took in Carlos after his parents’ death.  They adopted him and he legally became a Keller.

Bernadette: That’s an amazing story.  Tell us a little about Carlos.  I know we’ll be reading about him in A Second Chance in January.

Regan: (She smiles wide and places her hand on her chest.)  We are very close and we take care of each other. We lived together in Arianna’s house, while she was away in New York.  Both of us were transitioning in our lives.  I had just moved back to Tennessee and he was out of work.  He’s a middle school math teacher, of all things.  But Carlos has been in a bit of a slump.  He’s been divorced from his high school sweetheart, Madeline, for two years.  It’s hard for him, because he still loves her so much.  Why they got divorced… well I don’t think they even know.

Bernadtte: They have kids, right?

Regan: Yes, they have three and oh, they are just wonderful.  Eduardo is the caretaker.  He makes sure everyone is okay.  Christian, now he’s a quiet one.  And Carla, well she’s just auntie’s sweetheart.

Bernadette: You just started a new job.  Tell us about that.

Regan: I did!  I am now working at Benson, Benson, and Hart, a real estate development firm.

Bernadette: What is the best part of your job?

Regan: (Breaks into a big grin.) Well aside from the benefits of dental and medical, (she laughs) I get to work with Zachary Benson.  I’m his executive assistant.

Bernadette: Do I sense a bit of an inner office romance?

Regan: Well, I don’t want to start rumors, but yes.  Trust me, I didn’t give in easily.  I’ve had inner office romances before, and believe me – they don’t work out!  But I’m going to give this one a try.  I think he just might be the one.

Bernadette: What was your first impression of Zach Benson?

Regan: Well that’s a hard question.  It would depend on which circumstance I met him first.  See, his departing assistant hired me.  He was out of town, so I’d never met Zach, I’m sorry, Mr. Benson, before I started working for him.  On my first day, he didn’t bother to show up until after lunch.  I was livid.  I couldn’t imagine the man didn’t want to meet the person who was going to organize his professional life for him.  But, once he did come into the office I found out he was the very man I’d met on the bus that morning.  (She shakes her head and wrinkles her nose)  Well wait, let’s not say I met him.  I actually fell right into his lap and rode to work there.

Bernadette: You fell on his lap?  On the bus?  Your boss?

Regan: (Laughing) I know.  It sounds silly.  The bus was crowded and when it jerked to a stop, I fell right in his lap.  I couldn’t get up, there were too many people.  And that was how I met Zach Benson, though he didn’t tell me that’s who he was.  I’ll admit, when I found out – after having had lunch with him, I walked out of the office.

Bernadette: But you went back?

Regan:  Of course.  Have you seen Zach Benson? (She laughs again.)

Bernadette: So what’s in store for the two of you?

Regan: Well I think I’m going to feel out this relationship.  I’ve been a little timid about it.  He wants to date and I’ve given into that, but it took me a bit.  I had a nasty relationship before and I don’t want to get hurt again.  I mean, relationships shouldn’t be life threatening.  (She waves her hands as though she wants to move on from the subject.)  Anyway, he’s a great guy, and his mother seems taken by the fact that we are dating.  So, why not see where it will go.

Bernadette:  Thanks, Regan, for chatting with us.  I know my readers will be eager to meet you and Zach and see what happens with this inner office relationship.