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Fezariu's Epiphany

The White Oak, Clarendon’s oldest brothel, lured and destroyed men by the thousands. Fezariu was different. He had never been drawn by the White Oak’s vices but the brothel had still ruined him when he was just a boy.

Salvation came in the form of the Merelax Mercenaries – Elenchera’s most prestigious hired hands. They gave Fezariu the chance to escape from his past. Immersed in the world of dangerous assignments in the colonies Fezariu longed to forget everything about his childhood but only in facing the past would he ever be free of it.

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Fezariu's Epiphany - Excerpt

Chapter 20

When it came Fezariu leapt over the barrels and was flanked by Arshea and Vintaro with the other mercenaries holding a disciplined line on either side of him. They ran through the smoke rising from the flames and clouds of dust from the debris and soon found themselves in the pandemonium of the conflict raging throughout the square.

   Across the expanse were hundreds of valkayan rebels engaged in an epic tussle with the colonists. Fezariu’s charge of Merelax Mercenaries smashed into the side of the closely packed valkayans who were already in disarray from the showers of arrows raining down on them from General Bayard’s archers. When the last of the bow strings came to rest the fate of Redemption was left to be decided by those fighting in the central square.

   Fezariu’s line of mercenaries remained unbroken but many had fallen to the stubborn valkayan rebels whose determination was not swayed by the wilting of their numbers. Gradually the valkayans began to seize the advantage and when Fezariu’s line was broken carnage reigned throughout the central square with victory and defeat very much in the balance for all concerned.

   The failing of Fezariu’s line bred indiscipline amongst the mercenaries who broke formation and engaged in their own personal struggles. Fezariu remained close to Arshea and Vintaro with the trio repelling attacks with ease and providing cover for each other from any surprise ambush. The rebels’ resolve continued though and at the next explosion it appeared all hope of defending the city would be lost.

The Elencheran Chronicles:

The World According to Dave: 

Please welcome David Brown

Our special guest today is David Brown, author of Fezariu's Epiphany.

David M. Brown was born in Barnsley in 1982 and first conceived the idea of Elenchera in college. His love of history and English led him to read these subjects at Huddersfield University. David is inspired by medieval history, Norse mythology and Japanese role-playing video games and anime films. He lives in Huddersfield with his wife Donna and their six rescue cats.

Welcome to Of Ink And Quille

Thanks for having me.

As an author, what scares me the most...

I call myself a fantasy writer and that’s what I’d always like to be. However, with the novels set in Elenchera I am trying to do something a little different with the genre. Does the sci-fi/fantasy genre need improving? I don’t think so, but what I want to do is make it more accessible to other readers. This is a venture I may not succeed in but I will certainly try my best and just see what happens.

My debut novel, Fezariu’s Epiphany, encompasses the sort of stories I want to tell in the future. Though set in a fictitious world the characters at the centre of the novel are more important than Elenchera itself. I dearly hope that readers will fall in love with the world and indeed the historical context that is revealed through the main plot but my primary concern is the story itself and I want that to grab the readers.

 My hope is that readers that pick up Fezariu’s Epiphany or any other Elenchera novel will be seasoned sci-fi/fantasy fans but also readers that wouldn’t normally pick up a book from this genre. I want to remain accepted in the fantasy field but I want to branch out and touch the hearts of other readers, give them a story they enjoy and a very different world to escape into. Hopefully, if they like Elenchera they may go further and try other fantasy novels too. The genre is rich in versatility and talent, I honestly think many more readers could find books to enjoy in the field.

With my ambition comes fear, of course. In trying to make my work accessible to more readers I don’t wish to alienate myself from the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I believe I am a fantasy writer and want to be known as such but with the added element of trying to do something a little unique and not just trying to recreate the masterpieces of my peers. I would hate to be left in literary limbo, dismissed by the sci-fi/fantasy genre and difficult to slot into any other section in the bookshops. That’s my biggest fear as a writer but at the same time it’s my biggest motivation to take such a huge risk because if I can make a handful of readers give sci-fi/fantasy a try then I’ll have succeeded in my ambition.