Saturday, January 12, 2013

Menage Awards

The Menage Fan's Choice Awards Nomination Form - please join us and celebrate this amazing genre.

Welcome to the first annual MNW Menage Romance Fan's Choice Awards. Please feel free to nominate your favorite Menage book within the following categories. Nominations are open January 5-31, 2013
* Voting will be opened February 1-28, 2013 Nominees : date of publication must be between Jan 1 up to Dec 31, 2012
~ 3 CATEGORIES FOR THE SAME BOOK PER PERSON (one entry per category still apply) ~

The right way to enter your nomination is:
Author First name (*)
Author Last name (*)
Title (*)
Series with # (if applicable)
Date of publication (must be between Jan 1 to Dec 31 2012)
Publisher (optional)
URL buying direct link (optional)
Incomplete answers will null your nomination Prizes to win for each category!! Rules: - Authors can nominate their fellow authors but not themselves.
- Reviewers are not allowed to vote for themselves but can vote any other categories. - Mary’s Naughty Whispers will not vote in any categories. Nomination is in your hands!
- Maximum 1 vote per category per person. Some books may fit into several categories. You may choose the 3 best categories maximum for the same book.
- To participate you do not need to offer a nomination in all categories.
- In order to avoid multiple votes per the same person or self nomination, a personal email & name are required. Emails will be validated. If you are not interested to receive prizes, mention it when you fill in your email and name. Twitter ID or Facebook are acceptable alternative i.o. your name.
- If it happens that a category does not fit the book nominated, Mary's Naughty Whispers will contact the nominator in order to select another category.
In order to avoid such mistake, please check the book categories on the publisher's website :)

January 5-31: nominations
February 1: Nominees announcement and voting commences February 2-28:
March 1st: Winners announcement

UPDATE (Jan 8): In the event that a category exceeds 5 nominations, the five (5) nominations most submitted in the category will be eligible for the final voting award (Feb 2-28). In case of a tie, the first nominations submitted (date/hour) will be selected. The most votes for the same author/book in the same category, the better chance this author/book will be the official nominees.