Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interview with Suzannah Safi

For each writer their genre is the one they’re comfortable with. Why did you begin writing within yours?

I am a romantic person by nature. So, whatever I write: paranormal, contemporary, horror, and suspense, I mix it all with romance. The thing with my writing is that I don’t know what I will write next, it could be any mix of the romance genre, so it is not one writing style I stick with, but several.

What was your initial reaction when you got that first contract? Have you had anything else contracted and if so what was your reactions? Did you have the same emotions?

My first contract was with The Wild Rose Press for my contemporary romance novel ‘Worth Every Breath”, which is coming out in e-book and paperback in September 2, 2009. When I received the email from the publisher congratulating me, and offering a contract, at first, I blinked few times before it hit me ‘I’ll be a published author!’ After the first dance around the living room, and calling all the people I know to tell them about the news, I sat quietly savoring the moment. After that I received another contract with Champagne Books for my paranormal romance novel ‘This Time You Are Mine’. The feeling was the same as the first time I received my first contract definitely. The joy of knowing that my babies are going to see the world, and they will be enjoyed by readers is indescribable.

Do you have to do a lot of research to write the books you do or do you write within the fields you know?
Oh my, research is not only time consuming but also exhausting, but I love every minute of it. As an author you have to do lots of research, and that’s why most authors are knowledgeable about many subjects. I don’t necessarily write about what I know, only because I’ll be limiting my creativity, and I have a wild one when it comes to writing romance LOL. Talking about myself as an author who likes to write about all types of romance genres, I tend to research lots of subjects, you never know what you will find. I consider knowledge a precious jewel, without it you can’t be complete. When you have knowledge the sky is your limit.

What would be your one piece of advice for anyone interested in getting a book published?

Don’t ever give up; it takes time to get published. Be wise when you search for a publisher, don’t just go with anyone. It’s important to know if the publisher you are seeking is suitable for the genre you are writing in. Also is the publisher selling or not? Do your research on any publisher you are submitting too, it will save you time and effort in the long run.

What sort of goals do you set for yourself with each project?

My goal always is to enjoy what I write, if I am not enjoying the story no one will. When I get an idea for a story, I write it first as an outline, then I research all the materials for the story, save them, then start my journey. And what a journey it is, I live in my stories, experience what my characters are experiencing, live their lives, feel what they feel. It’s a world I create, people I meet, and experiences I go through.

What promotional avenues would you recommend to those who are newly published?

Use every avenue: bookmarks, brochure, internet ads, contests, book trailers, even talk to anyone about your books. You never know when you will make a sale.

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Upcoming Contest

Its HUGE!!!!

Wow! With two full length historical novels due out in Sept. and October I'm holding a massive contest.

Starting August 25th I'm going to be posting clues and excerpts on my blogs and website. Along with each clue there will be a single question about the clue/hint you'll have to answer.

Collect all the clues/hints for a chance to win the entire back library of all my books in e-book format. This includes, Christmas For the Cowboy, Master's Mistress, and my upcoming releases Borderline Sin, and Love Thy Neighbor.

That's FOUR books in all plus a special 'freebie'. On October 5th I'll be doing the draw.

The prize break down will be as follows:

1st. Place the entire back library - including the 'freebie'.

2nd. Place one full length e-book of the winner's chosing from the library and special freebie

3rd. Copy of my novella on CD as a PDF Christmas for the Cowboy as well as a mystery gift.

The rules are simple: Leave a comment answering the days trivia with the correct clue.
Feel free to back link your sites/blogs with mine (I'm shamelessly trying to drive people to mine)
Have fun! And yes that's a rule. hehe.

Come out and have a great time - and learn a bit more about my characters and books!