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Sizzing Summer Heat

Beachwalk Press's opening its doors July 18th, stop on by for a sample of the amazing talent from its author's today's special guest is Tabitha Rayne author of Mia's Book a sexy, sultry read.

 Hi Tabitha,

Please come on in and put your feet up, share a bit about yourself.

Thanks, glad to be here.

1. What drew you to writing and how long have youbeen writing with publication in mind?

I can’t remember when I started writing, but I have never stopped.I can’t not write – my mind is constantly busy and I’m, always trying to catchup with the physical act of typing it all up. I submitted my first romanticshort story in October last year – it was accepted and I now have five shortsand my novella coming out in July.

2. Why the genre you write?

I experiment with many forms of writing and always start with thestory – sometimes it’s a real surprise when I realize which genre it may fallin to. Mia’s Books is a paranormal romance which completely shocked me – I’vealways been terrifi…

Beachwalk Press is OPENING SOON!!

Beachwalk Press, Inc. is an electronic romance publisher. It is our goal to provide readers top quality romance ebooks in a variety of subgenres at competitive prices. All of our books do have a rating of “sensual” or higher.

I'm very excited to be part of this amazing publisher. Pamela, the owner is a lady who knows her stuff and has created a company that reflects the needs of both reader and author...

Stop by all week as we enjoy hearing from the authors and Pamela herself.

 Want to see what's coming? Check out the bookstore and take a look at the amazing covers!

Summer Party Day two

1.Patricia Bates – Blog: 2.Joanne Troppello – Blog: 3.Kay Springsteen – Blog: 4.Anne K. Albert – Blog: 5.Gabrielle Bisset – Blog:
Heather Haven ~ Have you ever gone anywhere exotic on vacation? Yes! I’ve been very lucky. We’ve traveled a lot of Europe but I think the Amalfi coast was the most spectacular.There’s a reason why poets through the ages have liked it the best!
Heather Haven ~ What’s your favorite summer time drink? Mai tai. Anything with rum!
Heather Haven ~ Do you live close to the ocean? Do you have a favorite beach you used to visit as a child? Miami Beach as a lot of great beaches. But I have to say, CrandonPark near Miami. Groups of us went there all the time. There’s a zoo, as well. I remember we would periodically hear the lifeguard’s whistle, and have to get out of the ocean because schools of sharks were swimmin…

Summer Blog Party

BIO:Born and raised in a California farming community called Weedpatch, Delia Latham moved to Oklahoma in 2008, making her a self-proclaimed California Okie. She loves to read and write in her simple country home, and gets a kick out of watching her husband play Farmer John.Contact her through her website ( or e-mail (
BIO:Joanne Troppello is an author of mystery and inspirational romance novels.Her second novel, Mr. Shipley’s Governess, was recently released by Wild Horse Press.She is at work on her next novel, a romantic suspense.She is married and loves spending time with her husband and family.
BIO:Anne K. Albert’s stories chill the spine, warm the heart, and soothe the soul…all with a delightful touch of humor. She is author of the Piedmont Island Trilogy series and Muriel Reeves Mysteries. When not in her home office, she enjoys traveling, visiting friends and family, and of course, reading.Webs…

June's Sizzling Summer Reads Party