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Frustration Abounds

While I'm certain most have either seen or are aware of the growing negativity to do with the recent and very sudden closing Blade, I thought i'd take a moment to reveal a few things about my own experience.

Am I pissed! You're darn right I am. I'm pissed that my fellow authors have been disrespected by the lack of contact from the owner. I'm upset that as of yet we still do NOT have our rites letter - something we do need if we're to sub elsewhere. More than that I'm pissed that this entire situation has been so horrendiously treated. I was one of the first authors with Blade and enjoyed my sales, the company etc until recently when tiny red flags started to pop up. Now, I can see what they mean and I'm willing to say that hindsight is better than foresight.

This entire experience has been frustrating but beyond that, for those new authors who have either just recently contracted with Blade or been with them a few months but have had nothing done, it c…