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Win two ebooks on Amazon

To celebrate the season authors Patricia Bates and Ciara Lake are running a contest to give a away two free ebooks.
This is how it works -- If you have purchased one of our titles on Amazon other than the books we are giving away (see below)-- we will put you in a contest to win a free ebook from us. Yes this means you could win two books.
You have until December 24, 2011 to review one of our books on Amazon. You'll be entered into a draw to win a copy of Firecracker by Patricia Bates and/or The Ketchikan Man by Ciara Lake in Kindle or PDF.

There will be two winners, one for whichever book (author) you reviewed. You could win twice if you are in both pots of contestants. You'll need to email Ciaralakeromanceauthor@gmail.com or patriciambates@gmail.com to let us know you have reviewed one of our books and you will be added to the pot of contestants.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us to!The winners will receive a book by January 1, 2012.

Come out and join me in celebrating this great year for writing. The contest will run until December 24th, 2011.

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Sin's Bite - erotic short

Lady Kora has lived every day of her 300 years behind the stone walls of her family's estate. Yearning for something more, now on the eve of the most important night of her life everything is about to change.

Damien is a slayer - a whore to his sword, paid to take the heads of vampires. Given a task of ridding the last Ancient from a village, he's on edge. The spirits tell him something is coming - something that will have far reaching consequences beyond this night.

The slayer and the vampire drawn together by the fates, their bodies burning with lust can they survive sin's bite?

Kindle $0.99

Want a chance to get a sneak peak at Kora's future? Everyone who signs up for my newsletter will be entered into a draw for a copy of the advanced reading copy of Sin's Claim coming spring of 2012.

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Strengthening Copyright Laws Petition

ATTENTION: Canadian authors, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals.

The Honorable Minister James Moore, of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages is the person to whom we'll be sending this to. I checked with his office in regards to the electronic signatures and they told me they'd accept them. However, if you'd like to send a detailed, professional letter let me know and I can certain pass along the address for both him and Honorable Michael Chong who is the Chair of the Committee for this.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

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Ysbail of Ellesmere is a pawn in her guardian's war. For decades there has been unrest between the marcher lords and Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd, King of Gwynedd. The most recent war had been the bloodiest she could remember in her eighteen years. Madog ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys, and his allies lost untold numbers of men at the hands of Owain's soldiers. When a settlement of truce is presented to Madog, it's at Ysbail's expense. She is to marry Bedwyr ap Owain, one of King Owain’s bastard sons, and his most notorious henchman. If all the rumors and stories she's heard are true, she knows her marriage will be rife with horror and fear. 

Since proving himself worthy with his sword, Bedwyr fights at his king's side. He's shed oceans of blood and sent untold numbers of men to their graves. He's become what his name foretold—the grave-knower. He's afraid of nothing, least of all death. All men fear him, including those who fight at his side, and sometimes even his own king. Terror of him lives within women's hearts; only the bravest of whores accept him into their beds. And children weave their own tales of the monster they hear him to be, embellishing the details to their own gruesome degrees.
When King Owain informs Bedwyr that he's to marry Ysbail of Ellesmere as part of a peace settlement with Madog, Bedwyr is furious. A man such as Bedwyr can only survive on the battlefield. For without love, hatred will send a man like him to the edge of insanity. Then push him over. But when Bedwyr sees Ysbail for the first time, blood-thirst turns to blood-lust, and he vows to show her that she should have no fear of him.

He gazed at her slumbering form. Firelight danced over her flawless skin. She was the fairest woman he had ever seen, her skin perfection but for the flush in her cheeks as she thought to defy him, and that of the passion he awoke in her. The fairness of her features only served to accent the deep blush of her lips.
Her lips.
 She did not kiss him like a novice. Following his lead, she kissed him back with equal alacrity. He felt she was yet unsure of her own power over him, but he knew it was only a matter of time before she could control him with a simple touch.
And her eyes were the palest of green. Or were they blue? He could not tell. He only knew they reminded him of pools of seawater ensnared in the white sands along Cymru’s coast, and just as translucent. He could gaze long into her eyes, searching their depths, letting himself be hypnotized by them.
Her features were gentle, innocent. It was as if she had never witnessed any of the world’s horrors, that her heart and soul were pure. In that she was now married to the likes of the Grave Knower was incredulous. More so incredulous was her fearlessness. She never cowered before him. Not even as she stood naked before him, challenging him with her gaze.
Indeed, she was the very opposite of himself.

Erotic Author Scarlet Valentine

Scarlett Valentine is the alter ego of award-winning romance author, Kemberlee Shortland. Together they write Erotomance -- Erotic Romance.  

Originally from Northern California, Scarlett has spent the last fourteen years living in Ireland. She's traveled extensively through Ireland and Wales. When she's not writing, she can often be found castle hunting.

Scarlett's stories cross subgenres to explore hetero, gay and bisexual relationships in a series of stories that include time periods from historicals and contemporaries, futuristics and science fiction, paranormal and suspense, and more.

 Awakening is the first book in The ABCs of S-E-X: Love by the Letter series and is available 2 November 2011 though Highland Press.

Please Welcome Scarlet Valentine

Please welcome Scarlet Valentine author of Awakening

Why I chose erotica and thoughts on the future of the genre

Thanks for having me here today. I’ve really been looking forward to this. And thanks for asking me about why I write erotica and where I see the future of the genre.

I’ve always written traditional romance, and over the years, my love scenes have gotten a bit steamier. A few readers asked if I’d ever written erotica so I thought I’d give it a try. Only problem is that no matter how hard I try to write sex, the story always gets in the way! So after a few failed attempts at erotica, I gave in and compromised. I’m still writing great love stories. They just have a lot more sex in them.

That doesn’t mean the story is all about the sex. In the case of Awakening, there’s a big story here. The plot is set against a true historical setting, and my characters, Bedwyr and Ysbail, must get over emotional and physical obstacles in order to earn the trust of the other in order to live in harmony. The sexual part of their relationship is just as important as the romance. And it must be every bit as poignant.

I’m a firm believer that, no matter what the story is about, if it has sex in it, the sex has to be an integral part of the plot and not just fluff or page filler. If characters are going to have sex, it has to mean something. Gratuitous sex, even in erotica, is just titillation. In my opinion, straight titillation is just porn. Sex starts in the brain and moves south as stimulation (first emotional then physical) increases, so it’s no wonder the majority of erotica readers are women. Woman are emotional creatures.

I wrote an article last year about the changing lines between romance and erotica, and porn. In the article I said: “One can always tell erotica written by women and that written by men. Women's erotica is 80% emotion and 20% graphic detail, as with men, it's 80% graphic detail and 20% emotion. Women want to know how it feels emotionally and men want to know how it feels physically. I know I’ll get slaughtered for saying this, but this is why women are generally better at writing romance and erotica, and why men are so much better writing thrillers.” http://hearticles.blogspot.com/2010/06/blowing-curtains.html

This is why erotica is mostly ‘written by women, for women.’ Men buy erotica too, but they usually just flip to the ‘good parts’ and leave the story behind. Another reason why men buy nudie mags—it’s all there in graphic detail, nothing left to the imagination. Instant arousal. For women, we want the emotional build up to the bedroom scenes. While we can enjoy a great quickie, we know it’s still part of an emotional bond we already share with our partner.

As long as erotica is written by women and for women, I can see the erotica industry thriving for a long time to come. Especially as sex and erotica are more widely accepted and talked about in the general public.

What I mean by that is twenty years ago, women were still hiding the covers of their romance novels. Today, it’s quite common to see women with romance novels with the cover quite visible. And maybe it’s just a fashion trend, but it’s also become more common seeing women with erotica novels, too. And we all know those covers can be quite racy!

I’m still dedicated to traditional romance, where sex as the final frontier in relationship bonding, but I’m really enjoying the steamier erotic romance. And I hope my readers enjoy my stories, too.

~ Scarlett

“What’s a little bondage between friends?”

Available now – Awakening, book one of The ABCs of S-E-X: Love by the Letter series


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Gordon Kessler - A writer of many talents

Gordon A Kessler is a former US Marine parachutist, recon scout, and Super Squad team leader, with a bachelor's degree in creative writing. He is a Master Instructor for Johnson County Community College, National Academy of Railroad Sciences, and the BNSF Railway. He has taught novel writing for Butler County Community College, English Composition for Hutchinson Junior College and has previously indie-published the thriller novels Brainstorm and Dead Reckoning, and a book about the novel-writing craft, Novel Writing Made Simple.

He is a founder and current president of the Kansas Writers Association and tries to stay connected to writers and the writing industry by doing speaking engagements at writers conferences and for writers organizations, and does his own "The Storyteller" seminar in Wichita, Lincoln (Nebraska), Kansas City, and other Midwestern cities based on his Novel Writing Made Simple book.

His websites, http://www.WritersMatrix.com and http://www.IndieWritersAlliance are landing pages for writers to help them in their writing endeavors. His author website is http://www.GordonKessler.com .

Other links:


Beware...Jezebel is on the Loose!

Sleep lightly tonight…

A madman has come to town seeking a diabolical revenge and large dogs begin attacking their masters for no apparent reason and with heinous results.

Animal Control Director Tony Parker must find out why and stop the murderous attacks. Meanwhile, Jezebel, a huge black Great Dane has killed her master and is loose, terrorizing the city and stalking Parker and his family. Parker and Sarah Hill, his beautiful and seductive young assistant, attempt to unravel the mystery and stop the terrible carnage while dealing with their own demons and lusty desires.

The attacks must be stopped. Jezebel must be found-and soon, you see--there is one other complication. Parker seems to have come down with an annoying little virus. No, it's not one of those irritating summer colds. It's certain death.

She's a murderess, huge and black as a hell-bound night.

Beware. Jezebel is on the loose!


Welcome Gordon Kessler

Please welcome my special guest today. Author of several thrillers, Mr. Kessler was kind nought to take time out of his busy schedule promoting his latest thriller Brainstorm. Welcome, Gordon. 

Thanks for guesting me on your blog!

Although the fan base for my latest thriller, Brainstorm, seems to be growing exponentially, and Dead Reckoning has a following that really loved its intense action, Jezebel seems to be my readers’ favorite book out of my three thrillers. Surprisingly enough, Jezebel’s women fans seem to far outnumber the men, and these fans are not typically interested in horror-slanted stories. I can’t explain it; because Jezebel is heavy suspense, leaning toward horror, and there are a few very graphic scenes.

This following may be due to the depth of the characters. Emotions run high. There is both tremendous sexual tension and intense suspense. The characters are everyday people—not superhuman. They have flaws that get in the way of doing the right thing. They are you and me. And once they’re thrown into this incredible situation where people begin dying horrific deaths, these everyday people must overcome being scared shirtless (-r) in order to survive.

Some trivia that few folks know about Jezebel: “She” was my first completed novel. I got a contract for her back in ’92, but the same week the publisher was going to print 10,000 copies in 1995, they went bankrupt. I finally got my rights back, and I revised Jezebel, then indie-published her in 2001. When eBooks became popular, I decided to send her to Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc., and see how she would be received. So far, it’s been tremendous.

I actually came up with the idea for Jezebel while staring at a blank page on my old electric typewriter at the dining room table. I was going through a divorce at the time, and I was struggling to find a decent job after closing down a business I truly loved. It seemed that I was losing everything I really cared for. I’d been reading a lot of Koontz and some King, and had just put away a half-finished humor manuscript I’d been writing because I was told that humor novels didn’t sell well. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the most congenial frame of mind. When the family pet ferret Jezebel came bounding around the corner, I thought “Jezebel, ferret from Hell!”

Well, could I brainstorm out a novel just from that simple thought? I did, and it actually became a story that was and is still very dear to me on many personal levels. I changed the tiny mischievous ferret to a huge, black Great Dane. Why? I can’t imagine a more frightening domesticated animal if it were to turn bad, yet the Great Dane is actually one of the sweetest and gentlest of dog breeds under ordinary circumstances.

I populated Jezebel with characters full of flaws, many going through stressful transitions in their lives, and they’re all passionate about something—I feel that’s super important to the story and creates dynamics that otherwise wouldn’t be found. Jezebel is not a horror story, although you might find it in the horror section. It is a love story. It is a story of intense suspense. It is a story of passion, of friendship, of betrayal and of loyalty. Please take the time to read Jezebel. I think you’ll be very glad you did.

Please check out my book trailers on YouTube: Jezebel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zHD9pmHOzk&feature=related; and Brainstorm at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eDjWJFbRdI. My blog: www.WMxBlog.com and my websites: www.GordonKessler.com and www.ReadersMatrix.com. I have other blogs and websites for writers. And you can always find my books at any online bookstore, including Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Nook, etc.

All three of my thrillers are currently on sale in eBook formats for only $.99—trying to get those sales numbers soaring! Of course, you can find them in traditional paperback and hardcover at reasonable prices, as well. Thanks again for hosting me on you blog! Happy reading!

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My Summer by Jesse Hendrix

Wind Haven High School Sanction NH

Living With A Vampire

The Wind Haven Wolves High School logoLiving with a vampire is not what every Edward Cullen loving teen would hope. My mother and I have been the only humans in Sanction since I was born so I know. That isn't Coolade in the fridge, those are juice boxes filled with blood. I learned early that in the Vittori house wine glasses are not used for wine. The assignment is to talk about my summer right? What I did before starting my Freshman year at WHHS? Answer: I babysat a vampire. Baby Marcus. He may look 15 but really I estimate his age at about 5. "That's my video game controller." "That is my leftover pie." "That is my book get your own." I spent two months being told to get my own. My Summer? About the same as every other day, month, year of my life.

- Jessie Hendrix

The Sanction Chronicles Young Adult Series

Welcome to Sanction

Year One: Volume I

By Dylan Strickland, Terry Kate, Ashley Renee

So if you want to find out more - See the locations and materials available and get involved with The Sanction Chronicles.

Welcome To Sanction - The Sanction Chronicles - Year One Volume One

Blog * Twitter * Facebook

Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Books on Board * Smashwords

Welcome to Sanction, the 3rd largest all paranormal town in the USA and Wind Haven High School accepting students from the werewolf, witch, and vampire community. September 1: The Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft is burned to the ground leaving the teens from Sanction's three biggest powers with only one place to go... Now if the Witches can avoid Non-Witches, the Werewolves don't tear anyone apart, and the Vampires keep their mouths shut Wind Haven High School might survive. IF...

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Rhys Bowen Facebook Live Chat

Join Rhys Bowen on Facebook!

Rhys Bowen is the author of many cozy mysteries, most recently, Royal Blood and Naughty and Nice

This Wednesday September 21st at 3PM EST Rhys Bowen will be on Penguin's mystery site - The Crime Scene

  Drop by and see what's going on Participate in the chat Take the opportunity to ask Rhys your own questions Put a note on your calendar - don't forget!

Rhys Bowen

Author Website - Twitter - Facebook

Order Naughty in Nice from - Amazon Hard Cover - Kindle, Barnes and Noble Hard Cover - Nook Book
Find the entire Royal Spyness Series at Amazon - Barnes and Noble

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Launching September 15, 2011

Publisher's Corner is Now LIVE!!!

Want to know more stop by tomorrow where we'll have some tidbits to show you and more...

Publisher's Corner

Today's Guest Bernadette Marie

An Interview With Regan Keller of The Executive’s Decision:

By Bernadette Marie

Today I am sitting with Regan Keller who is featured in Bernadette Marie’s, The Executive’s Decision.

Bernadette: Regan, you recently moved back to Nashville after having lived in Hawaii and California.  How does it feel to be back?”

Regan: It is wonderful.  There is nothing like coming back to where your family is.  I have the most wonderful parents, very supportive.  Of course my brother Carlos is here with his children, and my younger brother Curtis as well.

Bernadette: You have a sister too, right?

Regan: Yes!  She is my older sister, which I like to point out.  Arianna, is an actress.  She just opened in her first Broadway production.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

Bernadette: You have a very eclectic family.  Tell us about that.

Regan: The Kellers are certainly unique.  My parents were both born in Germany and moved here when they were younger.  My mother’s accent is a mix of her native German and Tennessee Southern Drawl. It is precious.  My parents adopted my sister and me when I was just a baby.  In fact, they were our foster parents.  I’ve been with them since I was three months old and Arianna was two.  She is my blood sister.  Curtis is their only biological child.  Now Carlos didn’t become my brother until we were both seven.  His family moved here from Puerto Rico.  But an unfortunately his parents were killed in a car accident.  Our families had grown close, and my parents took in Carlos after his parents’ death.  They adopted him and he legally became a Keller.

Bernadette: That’s an amazing story.  Tell us a little about Carlos.  I know we’ll be reading about him in A Second Chance in January.

Regan: (She smiles wide and places her hand on her chest.)  We are very close and we take care of each other. We lived together in Arianna’s house, while she was away in New York.  Both of us were transitioning in our lives.  I had just moved back to Tennessee and he was out of work.  He’s a middle school math teacher, of all things.  But Carlos has been in a bit of a slump.  He’s been divorced from his high school sweetheart, Madeline, for two years.  It’s hard for him, because he still loves her so much.  Why they got divorced… well I don’t think they even know.

Bernadtte: They have kids, right?

Regan: Yes, they have three and oh, they are just wonderful.  Eduardo is the caretaker.  He makes sure everyone is okay.  Christian, now he’s a quiet one.  And Carla, well she’s just auntie’s sweetheart.

Bernadette: You just started a new job.  Tell us about that.

Regan: I did!  I am now working at Benson, Benson, and Hart, a real estate development firm.

Bernadette: What is the best part of your job?

Regan: (Breaks into a big grin.) Well aside from the benefits of dental and medical, (she laughs) I get to work with Zachary Benson.  I’m his executive assistant.

Bernadette: Do I sense a bit of an inner office romance?

Regan: Well, I don’t want to start rumors, but yes.  Trust me, I didn’t give in easily.  I’ve had inner office romances before, and believe me – they don’t work out!  But I’m going to give this one a try.  I think he just might be the one.

Bernadette: What was your first impression of Zach Benson?

Regan: Well that’s a hard question.  It would depend on which circumstance I met him first.  See, his departing assistant hired me.  He was out of town, so I’d never met Zach, I’m sorry, Mr. Benson, before I started working for him.  On my first day, he didn’t bother to show up until after lunch.  I was livid.  I couldn’t imagine the man didn’t want to meet the person who was going to organize his professional life for him.  But, once he did come into the office I found out he was the very man I’d met on the bus that morning.  (She shakes her head and wrinkles her nose)  Well wait, let’s not say I met him.  I actually fell right into his lap and rode to work there.

Bernadette: You fell on his lap?  On the bus?  Your boss?

Regan: (Laughing) I know.  It sounds silly.  The bus was crowded and when it jerked to a stop, I fell right in his lap.  I couldn’t get up, there were too many people.  And that was how I met Zach Benson, though he didn’t tell me that’s who he was.  I’ll admit, when I found out – after having had lunch with him, I walked out of the office.

Bernadette: But you went back?

Regan:  Of course.  Have you seen Zach Benson? (She laughs again.)

Bernadette: So what’s in store for the two of you?

Regan: Well I think I’m going to feel out this relationship.  I’ve been a little timid about it.  He wants to date and I’ve given into that, but it took me a bit.  I had a nasty relationship before and I don’t want to get hurt again.  I mean, relationships shouldn’t be life threatening.  (She waves her hands as though she wants to move on from the subject.)  Anyway, he’s a great guy, and his mother seems taken by the fact that we are dating.  So, why not see where it will go.

Bernadette:  Thanks, Regan, for chatting with us.  I know my readers will be eager to meet you and Zach and see what happens with this inner office relationship.

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Fezariu's Epiphany

The White Oak, Clarendon’s oldest brothel, lured and destroyed men by the thousands. Fezariu was different. He had never been drawn by the White Oak’s vices but the brothel had still ruined him when he was just a boy.

Salvation came in the form of the Merelax Mercenaries – Elenchera’s most prestigious hired hands. They gave Fezariu the chance to escape from his past. Immersed in the world of dangerous assignments in the colonies Fezariu longed to forget everything about his childhood but only in facing the past would he ever be free of it.

RRP: £9.99/$14.99 (paperback), $4.99 (ebook) 
The Elencheran Chronicles: http://elenchera.com
The World According to Dave: http://blog.elenchera.com 

Fezariu's Epiphany - Excerpt

Chapter 20

When it came Fezariu leapt over the barrels and was flanked by Arshea and Vintaro with the other mercenaries holding a disciplined line on either side of him. They ran through the smoke rising from the flames and clouds of dust from the debris and soon found themselves in the pandemonium of the conflict raging throughout the square.

   Across the expanse were hundreds of valkayan rebels engaged in an epic tussle with the colonists. Fezariu’s charge of Merelax Mercenaries smashed into the side of the closely packed valkayans who were already in disarray from the showers of arrows raining down on them from General Bayard’s archers. When the last of the bow strings came to rest the fate of Redemption was left to be decided by those fighting in the central square.

   Fezariu’s line of mercenaries remained unbroken but many had fallen to the stubborn valkayan rebels whose determination was not swayed by the wilting of their numbers. Gradually the valkayans began to seize the advantage and when Fezariu’s line was broken carnage reigned throughout the central square with victory and defeat very much in the balance for all concerned.

   The failing of Fezariu’s line bred indiscipline amongst the mercenaries who broke formation and engaged in their own personal struggles. Fezariu remained close to Arshea and Vintaro with the trio repelling attacks with ease and providing cover for each other from any surprise ambush. The rebels’ resolve continued though and at the next explosion it appeared all hope of defending the city would be lost.

The Elencheran Chronicles: http://elenchera.com

The World According to Dave: http://blog.elenchera.com 

Please welcome David Brown

Our special guest today is David Brown, author of Fezariu's Epiphany.

David M. Brown was born in Barnsley in 1982 and first conceived the idea of Elenchera in college. His love of history and English led him to read these subjects at Huddersfield University. David is inspired by medieval history, Norse mythology and Japanese role-playing video games and anime films. He lives in Huddersfield with his wife Donna and their six rescue cats.

Welcome to Of Ink And Quille

Thanks for having me.

As an author, what scares me the most...

I call myself a fantasy writer and that’s what I’d always like to be. However, with the novels set in Elenchera I am trying to do something a little different with the genre. Does the sci-fi/fantasy genre need improving? I don’t think so, but what I want to do is make it more accessible to other readers. This is a venture I may not succeed in but I will certainly try my best and just see what happens.

My debut novel, Fezariu’s Epiphany, encompasses the sort of stories I want to tell in the future. Though set in a fictitious world the characters at the centre of the novel are more important than Elenchera itself. I dearly hope that readers will fall in love with the world and indeed the historical context that is revealed through the main plot but my primary concern is the story itself and I want that to grab the readers.

 My hope is that readers that pick up Fezariu’s Epiphany or any other Elenchera novel will be seasoned sci-fi/fantasy fans but also readers that wouldn’t normally pick up a book from this genre. I want to remain accepted in the fantasy field but I want to branch out and touch the hearts of other readers, give them a story they enjoy and a very different world to escape into. Hopefully, if they like Elenchera they may go further and try other fantasy novels too. The genre is rich in versatility and talent, I honestly think many more readers could find books to enjoy in the field.

With my ambition comes fear, of course. In trying to make my work accessible to more readers I don’t wish to alienate myself from the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I believe I am a fantasy writer and want to be known as such but with the added element of trying to do something a little unique and not just trying to recreate the masterpieces of my peers. I would hate to be left in literary limbo, dismissed by the sci-fi/fantasy genre and difficult to slot into any other section in the bookshops. That’s my biggest fear as a writer but at the same time it’s my biggest motivation to take such a huge risk because if I can make a handful of readers give sci-fi/fantasy a try then I’ll have succeeded in my ambition. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

1. What drew you to writing, and why did you pick the genre you write i

I grew up in the pre-computer era. If you wanted factual information you found it in paper books and newspapers. The "Word" was powerful and depending on how you used the words, could influence peoples attitudes and behavior. I realized this before I was nine years old when I decided I wanted to pursue journalism.

By the time I was in 8th grade, I published a weekly newsletter of local and upcoming events. Since we didn't have copy machines, I mimeographed my newsletter. I had a readership of over a hundred subscribers paying a dime to me each week.  Big bucks in that era.

I continued to work pro-bono as an editor or journalist in high school, college, and in my professional organizations gaining experience in publishing.

During my federal career I was only writing non-fiction, but my desire was to become a mystery novelist by the time I reached age sixty. I enjoy writing romance and Young Adult if the opportunity presents.

2. Have ever taken a formal writing course and if so what would you tell someone looking to take one?

I have taken many writing workshops offered by my professional writing organizations, but realized the correct way was to earn a Master's degree in Writing. Once I completed the two and a half year program at Seton Hill University, my marketable thesis was under contract with a publisher within a few months. Studying writing in a structured environment forces you to think and behave like a professional writer. That opportunity also provides you with the interface to your published faculty as well as with editors the university invites to their writing programs.

3. How long do you take to write one of your books?

Because I still work and have family responsibilities as well as handling those unexpected crisis, I read about ten hours a week and write twenty-five hours a week. I conduct my research after I outline my book. It takes about six weeks for me to produce a readable draft (definitely not a final manuscript) and an additional six to eight weeks to be happy with all the critiques and line edits before I draft a final manuscript for submission to a publisher.

4. Do you do a lot of research for your books or do you use your own experiences to help you write.

I write about the things I have experienced. But since I include a science-based theme in every mystery, I conduct the research to be certain my facts are credible and thus, believable.

5. What would you tell a new author looking to break into the industry?

Write what you know and with quality. Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style to write quality. DO NOT Self-publish any of your books. Submit your "FINAL" manuscript to a reliable and established publisher whose web site shows they can provide you opportunities to market your book if they contract with you. If the publisher offers you a contract, make sure the fine print does not include losing all your rights to your characters and your lifetime electronic rights as some "traditional" publishers do to new authors.  If the publisher rejects your manuscript, don't take it personally. Just revise following the publisher's suggestions. Once your first book is under contract, immediately begin writing another novel. Usually the same publisher will take your subsequent books. Also, publish with other publishers. Oh yes, the new author has a much faster chance of being contracted with an ePublisher rather than a "traditional" publisher who usually requires you to have a literary agent to get your foot into their door. After publishing your first twenty eBooks, take six months and write your best-seller novel.

6. ePub or Traditional Print house and why?
As mentioned above, the credible established ePublishers have less overhead and can publish books at a faster rate than the "traditional" publisher who has been cutting corners for the past few years due to the declining economy. You don't need to go through the agonizing process of finding a Literary Agent when you submit to an ePublisher. Moreover, more readers are downloading eBooks because it is cheaper than buying a paperback from the non-existent book stores.

Ellen Spain's latest release is...

Secrets in the Fog: Danny's First Love
Danny Fennchar is a short and somewhat pudgy teen prodigy wearing broken glasses who looks forward to attending his high school Prom in a few weeks, and to attending college. There is a problem, at least to Danny. He is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and thinks his future plans are totally messed up. He doesn't have a date and in fact, being home schooled most of his life, never had a date except for his mother.. Danny is a shy and insecure 12th grader, until he meets Christine Dillon from his senior class, who is quite mature for her young age. Their romance blossoms.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Todays special guest is...

Thanks so much for coming by Lorelie, glad to have you.

LC: Thanks for having me. 

Prepared to go through the wringer lol...

LC Sure fire way.

PB: Why did you pick or rather why did the genre pick you that you write in? 
LC: I write romantic suspense and that’s what I enjoy reading most of the time, but also enjoy authors such as Harlan Coban and Andrew Gross.

2. How long does it usually take you to write your books? 

LC: About 6-8 months roughly, with lots of time for research, revisions, edits and plotting.

PB: Where do you get your inspiration? 

LC: A lot of times from day dreaming.

PB: Name at least two things about writing that you love/hate (can be one of each) 
LC: I love getting edits back from the publisher. It’s another ‘take’ on my story. And I hate when my characters take over and keep changing the plot.

PB:  You're faced with someone whose looking to break into the industry - what would you tell them?  Be patient, it takes time to get your name out there and to get followers.

PB: Do you have any writing snacks to feed your ‘muse’? 
LC: Yes, who doesn’t love chocolate? I love the mini Milky Way bars.
PB: Now there's a snack I can relate to. Be great to have a large bowl next to my desk all the time lol.

PB:  I hear you have two nooks out. Can you tell me what they’re about? 

LC: DEADLY DECEPTION and DEADLY REVENGE are the first two in the ‘Deadly’ series. They are romantic suspense about human trafficking. I became interested in human trafficking when I read an article in the local newspaper explaining that the local task force (didn’t know we had one) had performed a successful sting operation. It was happening in my town or my own back yard so-to-speak and I never knew. It really hit close to home. Since then I have become an advocate to top human trafficking so all the books of this series carries a message. There is also lots of sexual tension between the hero and heroine and real sex that keeps you turning the pages to the happy ever after ending.

PB: What’s your favorite book of all time?
LC: Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I know it’s old but it is still the best. I’ve read it over and over again.

PB: What’s a good book you’ve read recently?
LC: HUSH by Cherry Adair.

PB: What’s next on your writing agenda?
LC: I’m currently working on Deadly Deliverance, the 3rd in the series and from an investigator’s pov.  So far it is exciting.

PB: Where can your followers find you? 

LC:My website: www.loreleiconfer.com or my blog: www.loreleiconfer.blogspot.com or email me at loreleiconfer@tampabay.rr.com

Friday, July 22, 2011

For the moment, I'm going to turn the mic over to Lillian - who was kind enough to bring a couple of guests...but don't go anywhere when the interview is over... there's plenty more to follow today!

Lillian smiles at Jacob and Jonathon Deveraux, the two Hollywood hunks currently sat on her sofa. The younger of the two winks at her as he slides his right foot up on to his left knee and relaxes back against the cushions. His equally delicious older brother checks his watch.

Trying to maintain some level of composure, Lillian reads her notes and clears her throat.

Lillian: Thank you both for coming.

Jonathon: The pleasure is all ours.

Lillian: I’ve read a bit about your background. Jacob, it seems you fell into acting but I get the impression it was more of a deliberate choice for you Jonathon.

Jacob chuckles: I didn’t know what I planned to do with my life and acting came along but Jonathon was born to perform. Although, we figured he was destined for the circus.

Jonathon frowns at him: Why don’t people take me seriously. I’m getting my shit together.

Lillian: I did read that after the unfortunate events in Rio you were looking to redefine yourself, Jonathon.

Jacob: You mean give up on women, amongst other things.

Jonathon: Hey I like girls and, fortunately, a lot of them like me. But, after seeing Jacob and Charlene acting like loves young dream I figured maybe I should give monogamy and true love a shot.

Lillian: And how is that going for you so far?

Jonathon: I’ve had a bit of a set back, but I’ve hired someone to take care of it for me.

Lillian: Take care of it?

Jacob: He’s hired a PI, Georgina Stanvers to look into an unfortunate incident.

Jonathon: Yeah, about that. You failed to mention George was a girl.

Jacob chuckles: I know.

Lillian: It’s nothing serious is it? I would hate for anything bad to happen to you.

Jonathon shrugs: Time will tell.

Lillian: I’ll keep my fingers crossed and watch this space then. So, Jacob, talking about true love, how is Charlene?

Jacob smiles enigmatically: Fine, perfect.

Lillian: But she couldn’t make it today. I hope she’s not ill.

Jonathon raises an eyebrow: Nothing that some time won’t fix, hey Jake.

Jacob glares at him: I prefer you don’t talk about my private life.

Jonathon grins: So, the whole wedding proposal story is out of bounds then?

Jacob gets to his feet and drags Jonathon off the couch: We really need to be going now. Thanks for having us.

The two men shake her hand and Jacob shoves Jonathon toward the exit grumbling, “I should never have told you about the proposal.”

Jonathon shrugs him off. “Charlene said don’t mention it on Letterman. Does this look like Letterman to you? Letterman has no feminine charm what so ever.”

Jacob shoves him again. “Feminine charm is what got you into this mess. Just keep moving.”

Lillian fans her flushed face with her sheet of notes.

You can find out what happened in Rio in Speak to Me of Abduction out now and why Jonathon needs a PI in Keep it Under Wraps due out on 19th July with SirenBookstrand.