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Obsession by Sofia Grey

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

I love pictures. Love the creative surge that flows after seeing a spectacular image, whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a grimy back street or a hot shirtless hunk. I’ve been cutting pages out of glossy magazines for years and storing them in paper folders under the bed. Never anything as organised as an album, I much prefer the messy randomness of the loose images. I think this is why I’m a convert to Pinterest.
What’s Pinterest, I hear you cry? You create virtual pin-boards grouped however you like, and ‘pin’ images to them. It’s fun, free and flexible: you can pin images from others’ boards, or from anywhere on the internet – or upload from your PC. What’s not to like 
I use it for capturing the inspirational images for each of my Work In Progress books. They’re a sneaky peek into my thinking processes. What the leading characters look like, where they live, where they go together.
My most recent book, Obsession, has a large cast of characters and you’…