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Please Welcome Cynthia Justlin and her wonderful book

Smoke wafted through the air, tinted pink and yellow by the flashing neon lights. Two scantily clad women undulated up on the bar’s silver stage. Grace scowled, sliding deeper into the velvet-lined booth.

“So, tell us a bit about why you’re both here.” The interviewer from WAZT had to shout over the unrelenting bass emanating from the Cheshire’s loudspeakers.

“He picked this dive,” Grace said, hitching her thumb in Keith’s direction.

Keith’s jaw tightened. He tugged the baseball cap further down on his head. “This is strictly off the record, right? No one can know I’m here.”

“This isn’t about you,” Grace slung back. Her son’s life was on the line, and he was worried about his own neck?

“If I’m locked up somewhere, how is that going to help your son?”

A bright strobe light cut across his features, illuminating the gold flecks in his hazel eyes as he stared at her. Something hot and tight lodged in Grace’s chest. Not now. Even at his cruelest, Keith had always had the power to reduce h…