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Sizzing Summer Heat

Beachwalk Press's opening its doors July 18th, stop on by for a sample of the amazing talent from its author's today's special guest is Tabitha Rayne author of Mia's Book a sexy, sultry read.

 Hi Tabitha,

Please come on in and put your feet up, share a bit about yourself.

Thanks, glad to be here.

1. What drew you to writing and how long have youbeen writing with publication in mind?

I can’t remember when I started writing, but I have never stopped.I can’t not write – my mind is constantly busy and I’m, always trying to catchup with the physical act of typing it all up. I submitted my first romanticshort story in October last year – it was accepted and I now have five shortsand my novella coming out in July.

2. Why the genre you write?

I experiment with many forms of writing and always start with thestory – sometimes it’s a real surprise when I realize which genre it may fallin to. Mia’s Books is a paranormal romance which completely shocked me – I’vealways been terrifi…