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Naughty Little Bedtime Stories

Tallusian Nights by Ciara Lake

Val Braeden is a seasoned Xihirian soldier hardened by the Realmist wars.  He discovers his true mate while on his latest rescue mission. A lovely Tallusian woman’s touch awakens him as no other.  While escaping the war torn Tallusian capital the Realmist take down Val’s spacedisk.  He crashes into the Tallusian forest.  There Zalora and Val are determined to survive the wilds of Tallusia. Sparks fly, lighting a flame within them both.  Their passion heats the Tallusian nights binding them together forever.

Clitax Tomron is bent on revenge – he’s determined to avenge his father’s death.  Tomron strikes close to Val’s heart, taking his family hostage.  Only one thing stands in Tomron’s way, the power of a beautiful Tallusian princess.  Zalora wants peace and to put an end to these terrorist. She risks everything to save those she feels responsible for and the man of her dreams.

This week's Featured Authors are...

This week, I'll be featuring the amazingly talented authors from eTreasures Publishing. A small, indie publisher based out of Florida, eTreasures is growing steadily. Please join me as I welcome the amazing authors and their works over the next few days :)