Sunday, December 29, 2013

The ultimate romance...a special kiss

For those of us who write romance, we could probably tell you all about that perfect kiss... the slow sweet glide of lips, the warmth of your partner's breath on your face. The hint of coffee on their tongue. It all adds to the sexy image we have of the kiss.

Too often in todays mad rush we lose the romance, the zing because we're rushing about. To keep romance alive, we do need to have the excitement of recapturing the feelings we have with a first kiss. The almost brush of lips, the hint of heat that comes with the touch. That soft give. It all adds up to build the intensity, the passion. A kiss opens the doorway to the soul of passion. They are also the gift we give our loved ones, the gift we bestow upon our children.

Its not always easy...there are always things in the way, but finding the time and putting in the few seconds it takes is so worth it.


Please leave a comment including your email address for a chance to win! I'm offering a collection of ebooks including: Counter Balance, Real Good Man, Five Alarm Lust, and Gillian's Christmas Wish by myself...
I'm offering as well copies of Books 1, 3, and 5 of the Forsaken Series by my alter ego Elyse Whyles.

Every comment is also entered to win the $25 Gift Card during the Hop...check out the other authors participating!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obsession by Sofia Grey

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words


I love pictures. Love the creative surge that flows after seeing a spectacular image, whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a grimy back street or a hot shirtless hunk. I’ve been cutting pages out of glossy magazines for years and storing them in paper folders under the bed. Never anything as organised as an album, I much prefer the messy randomness of the loose images. I think this is why I’m a convert to Pinterest.

What’s Pinterest, I hear you cry? You create virtual pin-boards grouped however you like, and ‘pin’ images to them. It’s fun, free and flexible: you can pin images from others’ boards, or from anywhere on the internet – or upload from your PC. What’s not to like 

I use it for capturing the inspirational images for each of my Work In Progress books. They’re a sneaky peek into my thinking processes. What the leading characters look like, where they live, where they go together.

My most recent book, Obsession, has a large cast of characters and you’ll find pictures of the main ones here:

Imagery is important in the story too, and in this extract, Josh is having a recurring dream.



I’d had this dream before, it was an old one. I stepped into it, as comfortable and familiar as an old pair of shoes.
I stood at the window gazing out at the night sky, watching as a shooting star flared in a moment of brilliance and then burned out. The sea lay before me, moonlight playing across the undulating surface in a flickering trail, shifting and restless. My hands pressed against the cool glass and my body felt too hot, as though I had a fever. I could smell sandalwood, an incense stick perhaps. The room was quiet, dark behind me where I knew the bed lay.
As I waited, I heard the distinctive creak of the mattress, the rustle of bedding, bare feet whispering across the carpet to my side. My eyes were fixed on the sky. It hadn’t happened yet, whatever it was. A bare arm snaked around my naked waist, pale skinned and slender. Silken strands of hair fell across my chest as she buried her face in my shoulder.
“Come back to bed. You’re still not well.”
I smiled over her head, holding her to me, absorbing her perfume. Now I could smell flowers, lily, and a hint of rose. Her skin felt like velvet against mine. She was my lover, the fixed point in my life, the centre of my universe. I had kissed her a hundred times before, breathed her scent, and stroked her hair more times than I could count. “Bed,” she repeated, a little firmer this time.
Acquiescing, I allowed her to guide me the few steps, her arm still looped around me. Yes, I had a fever, but I knew it had been worse than this. The sheets were delightfully cool against my skin, the pillows soft. Slipping in beside me, she reached across to turn out my light, but I caught her hand. “I want to watch you.”
This was our last time together. I knew this with painful clarity. Our last chance to make love.
She lay beside me, our bodies pressed together from shoulder to thigh, butterfly kisses raining across my chest. Gentle hands drifted across my stomach, teasing, searching, finding me hard and aching for her. I slipped one arm beneath her, around her, pulling her closer. I couldn’t tell where my body ended and hers began. One hand raking through her hair, coaxing her head up, our lips blindly seeking each other.
Her brown eyes, almost black in the dim light. I gazed at her. Familiar yet different. The part of me that had been missing for so long. When she smiled it made my heart ache. “Please don’t leave me. Don’t go.” I sounded like a little boy again.
This was the point I usually woke up. Tonight, I stayed a fraction longer.
Her voice barely audible as she outlined my lips with one finger. “Baby, it’s not me that’s going. You’re the one leaving.”
I snapped awake, a thin sheen of perspiration coating me. It was Suki. All these years I’d been dreaming of Suki. And now I knew something else—where the dream was set.
    That would have been the view from the grey mansion.


How about you? Do you like to collect images online? And do you prefer Pinterest or Tumblr, Instagram or good old fashioned Facebook?

Josh Delaney is the ideal honey trap.

His charm and model good looks would be enough for most women, but coupled with his psychic ability to read their thoughts, he’s impossible to resist. Suspicious husbands employ him to test their wives, to see if they can be tempted to stray.

High profile couple Suki and Gabe Bridgewater have the perfect marriage, or at least, that’s the image they portray to the world. Behind closed doors, Gabe’s dominance in the marriage is unravelling and he decides to test Suki, using Josh as bait.

For Josh it should be just another easy job, but two things go horribly wrong.

One, Josh falls in love with Suki.

And two, Gabe refuses to let her go.



About Author

Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.
Find her at: and on Pinterest:, or on Twitter @SofiaGreyAuthor

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Beachwalk Blog Hop


BEACHWALK PRESS is a great place to be. When I was looking for another home for my short erotic holiday romance, The Cowgirl's Christmas, Pam Tyner was very enthusiastic. She's always shown herself to be someone who is passionate about this business, about the books she has. She's been my editor from the first day and has shown a great amount of skill and passion for it.

Not only does she do an amazing job as the editor but she's also a great marketing and promotional support person. Never too busy to answer a question or talk about a new idea for promo. She's one of the best I've ever seen when it comes to communication with both staff and authors. We're a team - a fellowship of writers if you will who can share our trials and tribulations without worry and ask for support at the lowest points. That camaraderie and respect is just another thing Beachwalk has nurtured and I'm very, very glad to be part of such an amazing group of like minded professionals.

* HERE IS THE LINK BACK TO BEACHWALK PRESS BLOG TO WHERE YOU CAN FIND A COMPLETE LISTING OF PARTICIPATING BLOGS. {note: this link is not currently active, but it will be active at 7 AM on July 1st

To enter for the grand prize, please leave your email in the comments. I'll be offering up a free copy of The Cowgirl's Christmas as well as a hand crafted bookmarker. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love at the Beach July 1st through 14th

Two years ago this month Beachwalk Press released our first books. To celebrate, we're hosting a Love on the Beach blog hop. This will run from July 1st through July 14th. Over 20 Beachwalk Press authors are participating and we have some fabulous prizes to give away.
The grand prize is a Kindle Paperlight!
Additional prizes include:
* A beach tote bag filled with Beachwalk Press print books (winner's choice of 5 print titles)
* Two gift certificates of $25 each (winners' choice of GC from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks)
Also, each author will be giving away an additional prize of their choosing.
That's almost 30 prizes in total!
To be entered into the drawings just click on the authors' names listed below to visit their blog, then leave a comment with your email address included.
Each author will be posting a spotlight on one of their Beachwalk Press books (or a spotlight on a series they have with Beachwalk Press), and they will also be sharing what drew them to publish with us. Warning: You'll be seeing some great books, so expect your 'I want to read it' list to increase
Participating authors:Aimée Duffy
Ashlynn Monroe
Ciara Lake
Ella Jade
Emily Wood
Elise Whyles
E. Jamie
Hazel Gower
Imogene Nix
Jaye Shields
Kaylie Newell
Lacey Wolfe
M.A. Stacie
Olivia Starke
Pepper Anthony
Patricia Bates
Stephanie Beck
Sidda Lee Tate
Tara Mills
Tamaria Soana
Theresa Stillwagon
Tracey Rogers
Tabitha Rayne

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Frost Mania – Pitch Session

Frost Mania – Pitch Session

Today, Crimson Frost and its non-romance imprint Midnight Frost are accepting pitches from authors! Stop by and showcase your work, your talent, and maybe find a home for your latest works!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Win A Copy of Selkie's Revenge

Shades of Rose Marketing and it's two co-owners Tamaria Soana and Viari Rose are celebrating the upcoming release of Selkie's Revenge.

Rosanna Leo just did a cover reveal for the second book in the Orkney Series, sequel to The Selkie, Selkie's Revenge. We want to countdown the days to the release with you. It releases July 15th!

We choose to count down with a giveaway! Our giveaway will end on July 12th, and we will gift the book as soon as it is live on July 15th.

Selkie's Revenge Blurb: On the beaches of Orkney, Scotland, an evil entity stalks mortal women. Machar “Mack” Kirk is a selkie man with a haunted past, one that has prompted him to become a hunter. He prowls the beaches at night, his arrows aiming for the finman who took his first love.
Beth Pedersen also watches the sea. The haunted widow has suffered losses of her own, ones that have crippled her into a state of stony grief. Beth can no longer feel, can no longer see color and life. Until the day Mack Kirk saves her from a mysterious foe, flooding her world with brightness and foreign temptation.
As Mack and Beth fight their inundating passion, the finman escalates his attacks. Before long, Mack realizes he’s not just playing Good Samaritan. He wants Beth, too, and will do anything to ensure his lover isn’t taken by the finman. But can he protect his mate from a monster with no soul?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dancing in the Flame's Keira and Barrett are stopping by...

Hi there. I’m Ann Gimpel, author of Dancing in the Flame, a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance novella. With me today are Keira and Barrett. I’ll be asking them a few questions so they can tell you a little bit about themselves.
For Keira: What was it like to live in a Were bordello?
Hideous. I can’t even begin to describe it. It was like being a permanent second class citizen. Before I turned 18, the Weres had me working in the kitchens and waiting on them. They didn’t pay me anything then, beyond keeping a roof over my head and feeding me. Once I was old enough to turn tricks, I did get to keep some of the money I earned, but they charged me for my food, so it was impossible to earn enough to buy my indenture bond. I figured I’d be stuck hooking for them forever. See, they had this bracelet around my upper arm. It was a magical bracelet and I couldn’t get it off. They used it to track me and control me. I was depressed a lot of the time. In fact, the only bright spots in my life were when I visited Barrett’s magician supply shop. (Keira reaches out a hand. Barrett takes it.)
For Barrett: What did you feel when you first saw Keira in your magician supply shop?
(Drapes an arm around Keira and pulls her against him.) I was curious about her. Something about her didn’t ring true when I used my magic to try to figure out just what she was. I didn’t realize it at first, but that damned Were bracelet muted her power. Beyond that, she was such a lovely creature, I really wanted to get to know her better. I felt incredibly drawn to her. When she scooted out of my shop as if all the dogs of hell were nipping at her heels, I just had to follow her. We’d finally had a conversation and I wanted to talk with her some more.
For Keira: If you’d have been free, what would you have done with your life?
That’s a really, really difficult question. If I’d known who I truly was, and been free, I would have spent my early years preparing to lead my people. If I’d simply been free, but still had no idea about my Sidhe birthright, I probably would have scrabbled for existence like nearly everyone else. There wasn’t much left after ten years of war. I suppose I might have lived with the fairies and my friend, Renn.
For Barrett: What you felt when Caelin, the Daoine Sidhe leader asked you to rescue Keira? And you’d really have renounced if you’d have known that Caelin attempted to buy her from the were bordello?
(Barrett’s jaw sets into a hard line. His eyes flash annoyance.) Keep in mind I’ve known Caelin for a very long time, hundreds of years. That man has always played his cards close to his chest. I knew there were things he wasn’t telling me, but I was willing to play along and do my part to get Keira away from her captors. I hate the Weres. They’re animalistic bastards. If I could, I’d like to free all their indentured servants. Weres are the only magic wielders who do that sort of thing. Plus, I’ll admit I was looking forward to getting closer to Keira.
The other point you brought up, about Caelin not bothering to tell me he’d offered to buy her bond, would have been a deal-breaker. As it was, I walked into a dangerous situation. Caelin’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering made it all the more precarious. He knew I wouldn’t go if he told me everything, so he kept his mouth shut.
For Keira: How is like to think all your life that you don’t have magic just to discover that you probably are one of the most powerful woman in the world?
To be honest with you, I’m still coming to terms with that. It’s only been a very short time since Barrett rescued me from the Weres and Caelin removed the bracelet. Most days, I don’t feel fit to rule anyone, but then I remind myself if I learn my people’s history and work on my magic, maybe the day will come when I can call myself a queen, and wear the title proudly. (Keira cocks her head to one side and smiles.) Right now, I feel sort of like a fake, but everyone has been so nice, it warms my heart.
For Barrett: What made you fall in love with Keira?
The easy answer is her incredible beauty, but I’ve had stunning women walk into my life before and have left them be. No, the reason I fell in love with Keira is she has a beautiful soul. There’s something naïve and untouched about her that makes me want to take care of her and protect her from all the evils in the world. When I found out who she really was, I experienced immense conflict. On the one hand, I was happy for our people. On the other, I was devastated because I was certain I could never share her life.
(Taps breastbone.) Her spirit resonates right here. She fits with me, like the life’s partner I’ve hunted for, but never found.
Keira: “Aw, thanks, love. I feel the same way about you.” She turns her face up for a kiss.
Ann: Thanks, guys, that was very sweet. You know, I often get asked two questions about this book. One revolves around what happened to the humans after the atomic blasts. The other is who actually killed Queen Ivanne. Let me address them and then we’ll be done here.
One of the problems with novella length fiction is there are always a few unanswered questions. I suppose there should have been piles of human bodies scattered about, in varying stages of decomposition, after they died from radiation poisoning. An earlier version of DITF had something like that, but my publisher vetoed it as not appropriate in a romance story. We settled for heaps of trash.
Right along with Caelin and Barrett, I believe the Weres poisoned Ivanne. But they haven’t fessed up, so that’s something we’ll probably never know. The important thing is the Sidhe have a queen again. Once the babies start coming, hopefully the royal line won’t be in danger of dying out.
Thanks so much, Keira and Barrett, for coming along today for this interview.
In unison: Our pleasure!

Dancing in the Flame
By Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-93176-191-8

Release Date: 4/22/13

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Life in a Were bordello is all Keira has ever known. Because of her mixed blood, none of the magicians’ guilds wanted her, or protested when the Weres bound her as an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, she longs for more.

Barrett, one of the Daoine Sidhe, runs a magician supply shop in what’s left of Seattle. No one is more surprised than he when the Sidhe leader commands him to extricate Keira from the Weres.

Magic and intrigue throw Keira and Barrett into one another’s arms. Convinced they have a job to do, they struggle against the heat of the passion between them. Until it gets way too hot to handle.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Taboo - a pagan erotica anthology

Taboo - A Pagan Erotica Anthology

These are stories of lust. Not a timid, discrete lust, but one that reaches to the heavens and feeds the divine within us. A sacrifice to Pan, a Beltaine celebration in a poly family, a BDSM scene where Tarot leads the way, an exotic dancer offering her performance to Ishtar, and a sensual exploration by the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, this first Taboo anthology is a testament to naughty and kinky imaginations. Step in, leave your preconceptions at the door, and enjoy the ride!

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages

To see more stop by on the next leg of their tour :

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Full Bloom by Bianca Sarble

Tash Hathaway has moved back to Freewill to open her own flower shop—Freewill Flower Garden. She is actively seeking a man to fill her Mr. Right vacancy and has even signed up to find him online. But when she finds duds instead of studs Cassi, Tash's best friend, convinces her to take a break and live a little, make some of her cowboy fantasies come true before settling down.

When his riding partner is injured, Nathan Davis goes home for a break from the PRCA circuit. He returns to find his life changing in ways he's not ready for. Nor does he expect the distraction of a beautiful small town girl who fulfills his wildest fantasies.

Tash and Nathan collide in a lust-filled bubble, but neither of them are prepared when things get serious. Can love come to full bloom between two people determined to have a temporary bit of fun?

Stop by and pick up your copy of this amazing book

Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Cream Puffs and Foodie Romance go Together!



I can imagine writing a hot story about a Thai chef who seasons his dishes with lots of spice. Curries, Thai peppers, lemongrass, garlic. All those good things. The pans would literally sizzle in the kitchen. Yeah, I can see that.

But what about their breath? I mean, do you want a kiss so hot your lips burn and make you reach for a glass of milk to cool it off? Probably not! With pastry, though, you don’t have that problem.

Light fluffy pastry dough. Sensuous whipped cream filling. Sweet raspberry sauce drizzled over the top. Mmmm. I’ll admit there are dangers to pastry though. Frosting can get everywhere… like all over your sexy black dress – the one you wore to seduce the chef in.

Syrupy sauces can also present problems. What if your lips get stuck together? Or other parts? Good grief. The only way to save the day might be to lick your way out!

You can’t do that with hot peppers. Just ain’t gonna happen. No sir. I mean you can try it… but I’m just gonna stand over here and watch!

So there are reasons why Violet Cunningham likes pastry. There are reasons she likes the town’s newest pastry chef Max even more. Let’s just say he’s handy. Very handy. Wink wink. Here’s an example of his handiness:

His mouth surged over mine, his lips warm, wet, and insistent, as though he needed to make up for lost time. I heartily seconded the sentiment, and the kiss turned from buttery hot and soft to spicy and decadent with a touch of dare.

I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, and we both moaned at the intrusion, his hips bucking against mine as he pressed my butt into the table. I clutched his shoulders, pulling him closer as my initial embarrassment waned. He tasted of sweet pastry, and I savored the flavor as I relaxed in his arms. God, the hungers the man awoke in me with just one kiss!

I’d dressed “professionally” for the occasion—stockings, skirt, silk work blouse, light blazer, and heels—so it wasn’t a surprise to feel the heat of his hand brush along the smooth stocking covering my thigh. But I let out a yelp as his strong fingers ripped through the material and pushed the stocking aside, delving under the crotch of my panties, headed directly toward my wetness.

“Spread for me,” he growled.

My sex clenched but my tremulous legs parted, obeying his command to give him easy access. Long, thick fingers slid through my dampness until they were coated with my slick cream before plunging inside my wet core. I moaned into his kiss at the glorious pressure and he chuckled. His other arm held me close as his mouth continued to plunder mine, setting up a tantalizing rhythm with his tongue and his fingers that my body could not ignore. My head rolled back and my hips rocked into his thrusts. I emitted soft, mewling cries every time his cock ground against my clit. It felt so good I thought I’d died and gone to pink frosting heaven. “Oh, God. Please. Just a little more….”

He quickly upped his game, nibbling down the column of my neck and then moving his fingers up to my clit, circling it with my own slippery juices until I was on the brink of breaking apart and screaming my head off. Then he abruptly pulled his hand away. “Dinner.”

“W-what?” Every brain cell in my mind struggled to comprehend the concept of language. It seemed so foreign, so far away, so unnecessary. My hot button throbbed with frustration. I’d been so close….

“Dinner. Have dinner with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

I panted, trying to form words. No matter how I rocked my hips, he remained just out of reach from where I needed him most. My fingers dug into his back, silently demanding satisfaction. But he gave me none.

“Say yes,” he commanded. “Or this ends here. Now.”

I think Max would agree that pastry is the safer bet. Let’s ask him:

Max: Of course it is. I know what women like. (He comes closer to the screen). I know how to satisfy their desires….

Okay! Well Max is happy being a pastry chef. He’s happy to feed women. But will Violet let him feed all her needs? All of them???

You’ll have to check out the book to see!

Sweet Cravings by Eva Lefoy, out now at Decadent Publishing. Buy Link:

Thanks for reading!

Eva Lefoy Bio:
Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.