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And the Aussie's have it...welcome our latest Aussie Babe!

Hi all,
First I’d like to say a huge thank you to my lovely host for having me!
This week marks an extremely important date for Australians, and I am very excited to share it with you and my memories of this day growing up.
Australia Day has many great memories for me. BBQ’s trips to the beach, the whole family coming together. Us kids getting to drink a ridiculous amount of soft drink that we never got throughout the year while the grownups embraced the true Aussie stereotype with a cold beer.
Now that we’re older, our times are spent more with our own families, but it is still the same. My husband and I take the kids to the beach, we have a BBQ…only now I get to drink the beer. LOL ;)
To help celebrate this day with us, Beachwalk Press will be offering the books written by us Aussie authors for a discount on the Beachwalk Press website. So make sure you drop by!

Blurb: Will the enemy be powerful enough to break an archangel's promise? For the last ten years, Gabriella Richard…