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Please welcome Amoda Ni Cormac from Ireland

Welcome to everyone, I'm glad you could join us. Today we'll be having a short chat with Amoda Ni Cormac from the lush green of Ireland's shores. Welcome Amoda.

Thank ye for having me.

PB: My readers have been wondering about you. You're not the typical 'slave', you can read the written word, speak several dialects, and follow two independent religions. Where did you learn so much for someone so very young?

AC: Tis the truth that I am educated, a rarity amongst slaves in Brattilhid. In fact none of the others I met spoke more than their master's tongue. But I was not always a slave, when I was very, very young I was stolen from my home by the Gaill King Tyr. Thrust into the darkness of my captivity, my learning was my only escape.

PB: You refer to Tyr as a Gaill - what does that mean?"

AC: Gaill is a celtic word that means invader. In the dialect of my people, Vikings were considered intruders, foreigners. It is a term we have always used.

PB: Your teacher, Rognvalder, forgive me if I miss pronounce it, is hardly one I would think to be a teacher for a young child.

AC: Its pronounced Rog Val Dr. Nay he is not a suitable instructor in anything clean and decent. I have often felt the disgust turn my own stomach and I have known him a great number of seasons.

PB: With so much upheaval in your life, how can you be so calm, so accepting of the man who is your Lord?

AC: The Gods had long ago written my fate, it is a rarity for a mortal to tempt them with his cunning. Mykyl is a good man, a fine leader - and his loyalties do not lie within his own family. He has given me much, how can I do less for him?

PB: If there was one thing in this world you could alter what would it be?"

AC: There is nothing I could change. Were I to change my family being murdered, I would have been wed to a Tuath from a neighboring clan. Change the darkness and horror of growing within Rognvaldr's house - I would not have learned to heal. Nay, there is no room for change. I would but erase a shadow or two but even then, Nay, nay. There is one thing I would change. I would fight for my lord, I would not run from him with such fear as I have done.

PB: What was your impression of the woman King Tyr selected as a bride for Mykyl?

AC: Humours laughter - A hollow stone. Frail and weak. She would never have survived here. Nor would she have been woman enough for a man of such passion. 'Tis better that she went back whence she came.

PB: How do you feel about the conflicts that have plagued your homeland for so very long?

AC: I have never known peace so what is war? It is necessary to rid the green fields of the vermin that slink about through it. I would but wash my lord's kingdom clean with the blood of his enemies, but alas, I cannot.

PB: Thank you for your time, with a small babe it is rare to have a few moments of peace and quiet.

AC: Aye, 'tis true. But my son and my daughter are both delights to me and my lord and husband. I would give him a houseful before I am finished.

Please join us next week as we talk to her husband and the Lord of Woodstown himself. Until then, thank you for joining us and take care.


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