Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dealing with Real Life and Writing

There are moments when I wish we had two computers in our house, one for me and one for my husband and son. Here I am slogging away, cursing my goalsetting in an attempt to get the last chapters edited before I submit a query letter and low and behold, they've found a fishing game.

Needless to say, out came the red pen, the table got cluttered and I sat down with my manuscript. Having restrictions on your time or your access to the computer can put a serious bug in your hat when it comes to things like writing that all important novel. I can honestly say, there have been moments when real life and the constraints there of, have made me want to throw everything away and just forget it.

The truth is, you can't. Some people paint, others sculpt, still others - and I'm including myself in this category - need to have an outlet that allows those thoughts, plans, dreams to escape. I spent years building worlds within my head, creating an escape for myself and others because it's who I am.

Yes as trite as it sounds, I am an author. I'm also a Mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, and to be whole I have to have that little bit of me that calls out to the old ink and paper. Does it mean I've had to make adjustments? You can bet your house on it. But at the same time, don't we all? How many people can say that their time is focused on one thing and one thing only? Seems to me, life would be pretty boring if that were the case!

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