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Upcoming contests

With life being so hectic of late, I need a break. So after looking through every link in the Canadian Directory I've decided on entering a few contests. One of those contests is through Ascent Aspirations Magazine.

copied with permission****:

Ascent Aspirations Magazine
Ascent Aspirations Fall 2008
Poetry/Flash Fiction Contest
Contest Open from January 1st to July 31
Contest open until July 31st, 2008

The submissions will be judged in late August and the anthology will be produced in September with a publishing date hopefully no later than the middle of November, 2008.

The publication will be a perfect-bound 120-page book with a glossy art designed cover. Since Ascent is a non-profit publication, offering the print edition as a contest will provide the funding for the book. This contest will run for six months and the print edition will appear in the Fall of 2008. At the same time Ascent will continue to publish the electronic editions each quarter separate from any print editions. There is a special theme for this issue; it is Erotica.

For this issue we are looking for ardent, amorous erotica, soft and sensual, full of longing and desire that will titillate our readers. Think of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, fertility and sexual love, not boring, mundane, graphic pornography. The words should be about the music of love and the steamy imagery of erotica, all tastefully libidinous. We are looking for poetry/flash fiction that is unusual and goes beyond the traditional poetry and story of sensual, sexual love.

Send your best work.
First Prize for Poetry - $100 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology
First Prize for Flash Fiction - $100 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology
Second Prize for Poetry - $50 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology
Second Prize for Flash Fiction - $50 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology
Third Prize for Poetry - $25 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology
Third Prize for Poetry - $25 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology
Plus 6 - $10 (CND) honourable mention awards with 1 copy of the anthology

Plus all additional contributors in the collection will receive one copy of the anthology.
The goal is for the contest to generate the costs for publishing the anthology. If the entry fees and sales of the anthology exceed the costs, then the additional money will be used to fund future print editions of Ascent with prize money being more widely distributed among all the authors who appear in the anthology.

Rules & Guidelines:
The sixth print edition will contain poetry and flash fiction.
Poems/Flash Fiction can be published elsewhere as long as the author holds the copyright or unpublished and not sent elsewhere. Submit your poem or poems and flash fiction with a brief bio by e-mail to In the subject heading say Fall 2008 Edition.
By mail with your contest fee include a cover page with the poem/flash fiction title or poem/flash fiction titles and the first line beside each title, your name, address, phone number and e-mail. IN ADDITION ALSO INCLUDE EACH POEM/FLASH FICTION ON A SEPARATE PAGE WITHOUT YOUR NAME. We will be using the printed copies of your poems for judging and the electronic copies sent by email for the designing of the book pages should you be included in the anthology.
Maximum length of each poem is 60 lines and spaces between the stanzas count as lines. The maximum length for flash fiction is 800 words

Contest fee: $5 for one poem or 3 poems for $10. $10 for each piece of flash fiction. You can send as many poems/flash fiction pieces as you wish.

Send your entry information, and POEMS/FLASH FICTION with payment to:
either David Fraser, or Ascent Aspirations Publishing
1560 Arbutus Drive
Nanoose Bay, BC
V9P 9C8
Enclose a #10 s.a.s.e. (Self-addressed stamped envelope) if you are interested in receiving an official printed winners' list. (If you are outside Canada please use Canadian stamps or an international coupon.) Regardless the winners and contributors list will automatically be sent to you via e-mail and it will be posted on the web site.

All submissions will remain the copyright of the author.

*Additional copies of the perfect-bound anthology will be available at time of publication.
Retail Prices without shipping costs $16.95 CND/16.95 US
The prices of additional copies including shipping and handling are as follows:
In Canada and USA ($19.95 CND or 20.95 US)
To Other International Destinations ($21.95 US)
Advanced Ordering of the Fall 2008 Issue will be announced in a future newsletter and web posting.

Pricing at this point is an estimate based on current postal rates and may be subject to slight changes without notice when advanced ordering is announced.

Help make the Fall 2008, Ascent Aspirations Magazine sixth print edition a successful not-for–profit venture.
Ascent Aspirations Publishing


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