Thursday, April 3, 2008

Organizing your work

A bit of wisdom that I thought would be good to share with you is something I learned while working on my manuscripts.

For every research page you use, for every detail that you pick out, keep a record. Sooner rather than later you're going to have binders full of research and notes. Keeping them organized is thekey. Now, I'd be the first to admit I'm what is known as a disaster organizational person.

By that I mean, my office is a disaster area. It looks like a cyclone or volano exploded in it. Yet for each page, each pile, book, or scrap of paper I know what it is. I know what the use is for, and truthfully I'd like to reorganize it.

I'd love to have that office you see in magazines. You know the one with the beautiful desk that's clean, and uncluttered, the filing cabinets, the bookshelves lined with books and everything so neat that you could see an earring back on the floor...this however is not about to happen.

Why you ask? Well, my office is also the family computer room, the storage room, my brother in law - who has been staying with us - space to put his clothes, and other clutter. In truth, I have a three bedroom house, I need a four bedroom with one room specifically for my office. With bare walls I can hang pictures of my favorite actors, authors, book covers, painting, diplomas, certificates, awards...and various other sundry that I've accumulated. Finances however, will not allow me that luxury, so I make do.

I can dream about the perfect office, but until then organizing all the information I need and the printouts of copy is important. I'd say it's more important than organizing hubbys sock drawer - which he's made a mess of!

Now, I'd like to know what your thoughts are on Organization. What filing system do you use? Where do you store your information? How do you keep yourself from going crazing in this wild and ruthless world called organized chaos!

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