Saturday, December 12, 2009

On The First Day of Christmas...

Wow, only thirteen days left until the big day. I thought it would be fun to share some things about Christmas.

Today I'm including an excerpt from my Christmas Novella, Christmas for the Cowboy.
Happy Holidays - may they be blessed.

Christmas For The Cowboy

Chapter One Excerpt

Beyond the window a blanket of white lay over the land as Holly Walker snapped the clasp on her bag shut. A sweeping glance around the room revealed her neatly made king-sized bed, two oak dressers, and armoire; each item lovingly cleaned in preparation of her week-long absence. She traced over the wedding ring quilt on the bed and tried to ignore the tremble in her fingers. Her stocking feet made no sound as she walked to the dresser and lifted the small envelope that rested there.

“All set,” she murmured to herself, tucking her cell phone into her purse, and starting down stairs. The Christmas lights flickered and danced off the rings on her hands. Holly paused in the doorway and looked around. A massive blue spruce sat decorated by the fireplace, a stack of wrapped packages beneath it. Angels hung from ribbons to float above the room. It looked like a perfect Christmas scene and she smiled slowly. Next Christmas would be different, maybe more luxurious, but it would have another miracle to celebrate. She inhaled and patted her still-flat abdomen. Oh yes, this year she’d gotten what she wanted for Christmas – but was it what he wanted?

Much the same as she’d done for the past six years, Holly meant to be away from home for the holidays. This was her escape, her last chance to see if her relationship with Ty could survive. Dressed warmly, she collected her bags and started for the car.

The newer Chevrolet was something she hadn’t originally wanted, until she got the call from the doctor’s office earlier. She giggled and peeked into the mirror to wink saucily at her reflection. Gone was the everyday woman she recognized. Instead, her artfully applied cosmetics gave her a sultry, seductive look. She reached up to pat at her plain brown hair that was curled and piled up to enhance her cheekbones. She rubbed at her small nose to warm it from the cold as a cloud of mist escaped her painted lips with each breath.

“Well, girl, I say you are looking good. Let’s see if anyone else notices.” She blew herself a kiss and turned the engine over. The sturdy car pulled out onto the highway and she turned west.

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