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Chizofrenia: Crazy is an Art Form.

Writing is Therapy

Everyone has their coping mechanisms, the things that when stressed or upset or angry can help them calm down, relax, and have a fresh perspective. Writing is one of mine, my coping mechanism. Everywhere I go I have a notebook, or three, on my person, in my car, you name it, it’s a security blanket of sorts. I need to be able to put pen (or rather fine tipped sharpie in any color but black or blue) to paper whenever the mood strikes. If I’m upset or angry being able to write it down just takes the emotion out of my head and releases it on paper. And no, typing on my laptop does not offer the same sense of relief though I am sure it does for some.

While the act of writing these things down doesn’t mean they are gone completely, it usually gives me a better perspective and allows me to be in control of my feelings rather than the other way around. It takes the edge off. The wonderful by-product of this exercise is I keep all my notebooks and can’t tell you how many times I have went back and been able to pick out situations to put in my writing. That’s how the idea for my book, Chiczofrenia – crazy is an art form came about. I was re-reading entries I had previously written and realized that maybe someone else would find it as entertaining as I did.

We all get emotional but to carry a lot of emotion around with you isn’t healthy and can be draining. Finding a way to get it out and deal with it so you can move on is important.

The other piece of writing that is therapy for me is when done I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not that I have achieved some great life goal but rather I have created something out of that emotion. There is a tangible output. For me it helps me feel less like I have wasted time on feeling and more like I have done something productive. Even if the writing never goes anywhere outside my notebook I know it’s there.

Try it next time you feel sad or angry. Grab a notebook and don’t think, just write. See how it makes you feel.



I love this post. It's so true for me. I write so I can keep sane.
groovyoldlady said…
I love the way writing helps release us. It can bring emotions into a manageable level. It can stop the swirling, stressful thoughts.
Laina said…
It's great to be touring on this blog. I appreciate Of Ink and Quille for having me and giving me the chance to meet all you fabulous people.
Laina said…
Debra good for you. I like to think it keeps me sane but I'm not so sure I am sane. At least all the time:)
Laina said…
Groovy Old Lady LOVE your handle and I'm sure you're anything but old. You mentioned it stops the swirling thoughts - that's exactly what it does for me. Keeps me from obsessing (too much).

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