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Please welcome Heather Haven

The Alvarez Murder Mystery Series

In my twenties and thirties, I spent my writing career in New York City creating short stories, comedy acts, plays, television treatments, ad copy, and commercials. I even ghost-wrote a book once. The idea of writing my own book didn’t occur to me until I was in my early forties. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer.

I read my first Nancy Drew book at the tender age of nine and have never looked back. I love a good mystery, in particular, humorous mysteries. Most of the time when I read a book, I like it to be on the humorous side. If I want to cry, I can pick up a newspaper and read the real estate or financial section. Tears will spring to my eyes immediately.

So I decided to write a funny murder mystery series, beginning with Murder is a Family Business. After all, a writer lives inside her or his head and if I have to be in there 24/7, I’d like to have a few laughs along the way. Also, I felt my mystery series had to include two important things: the recently immigrated, which is one of America’s natural resources, and the family unit.

Right off the bat, this wasn’t going to be a ‘classic’ family i.e., father, mother, sister, brother, and large dog, all careening around in a shiny SUV. Of course, these days a family like that is harder to find than a dinosaur with feathers. Oh, wait. Archeologists are digging those up all the time from unsuspecting peoples’ backyards. The Ozzie and Harriet family does still exist. Hello there!

But I wanted something unique. Hence, the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series, a family of detectives, was born. Quirky Lee Alvarez, the protagonist, along with her younger brother, Richard, are the products of a 35-year union between Roberto, a Mexican Immigrant who made good, and a Palo Alto blueblood, Never-Had-A-Bad-Hair-Day Lila Hamilton Alvarez. Roberto dies unexpectedly and like most sudden familial deaths, a realignment of the surviving members takes place. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but as a rule, it will be different. Who would have thought another death two years later would help rekindle what this small family had lost earlier?

Lee Alvarez is a combination of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone and Janet Evanovitch’ Stephanie Plum. This 34-year old divorcee works as a private investigator in the family business, Discretionary Inquiries, a successful Silicon Valley agency that normally deals with the theft of computer software. Her beautiful ice-princess mother, Lila, has taken over as CEO and head of the business. Lee’s younger brother, Richard, is the head of Research and Information Technology. Her Uncle Tío is a retired head chef of a well-known Mexican restaurant. Even the new foundling kitten, Tugger, becomes head of the household in Lee’s small, two-bedroom apartment over the family garage.

Lee isn’t head of squat, thank you. But she’s got the heart of a lion, eyes the color of twilight, and the instincts of a first-rate PI, which is good, because she’s always getting herself into trouble.

Some reviews for Murder is a Family Business

Heather Haven makes a stellar debut in Murder is a Family Business…. We will be hearing more from this talented newcomer. Highly recommended. Sheldon Siegel. New York Times Best Selling Author of Perfect Alibi.

The twists and turns the story takes will keep you turning pages, and the writing style will put you in the character's shoes. Expect to giggle, as the verbal exchanges between the family members may strike a real and familiar cord.

This is the first book in the Alvarez Murder Mystery series. I cannot wait until March for the second, A Murder to Die For. Ms. Haven has found a new fan. Dishin’ It Out, Ginger Simpson

There's a lot to like about this story. You got a 34 year old strong Latina woman, Lee Alvarez with a closet full of designer clothes, a classic car, and a kitten named Tugger (cause he tugs on your heartstrings.) I'm looking forward to the rest of this series. 5 STARS. Tara – Book Babes

For me, this was a great book. The writing was clever and I couldn’t stop laughing. This is the perfect beach book. And I’m actually pretty excited that the second book in the series comes out just as I’m planning to head to the beach in May. I can’t wait to see the antics of the Alvarez family continue. - Laura from The 100 Romances Project

"Wonderfully fresh and funny!" - Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters

"I got a real kick out of this thriller set in San Francisco and Silicon Valley....Reading about an intellectual property detective agency in a world where intellectual property theft is a big issue is new twist for a detective thriller. I enjoyed my trip into that world." - Catherine Evans Latta, author of Beirut Summer

Murder is a Family Business is available at MuseItUp Publishing direct buy:  HERE

Murder is a Family Business book trailer: HERE

To be continued....

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