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Epic Awards now open


EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition™ is proud to announce the
opening of its yearly contests for electronically published authors and
young writers.

EPIC’s *eBook** Competition™* is the oldest competition honoring eBooks and
the ePublishing industry and is a premier event for authors and publishing
houses. This competition opens for entries June 1 and closes July 15.

“Literacy is close to the hearts of EPIC members and we are very proud of
our *New Voices Young Writers Competition™*. It is the perfect forum for
young people to learn the versatility of eBooks and to experience a taste of
the ePublishing world,” states Competitions Chair, Debi Sullivan. The
competition encourages young people, whether in public, private or
home-based schools, to read and write, to interact with their surroundings
and explore their imagination. To enter, young writers need to be eleven
(11) to eighteen (18) years of age. The *New Voices Young Writers
Competition™* opens for entries August 1 and closes October 20. Continuing
to inspire young people to be involved in all aspects of electronic
publishing, EPIC also invites young artists (ages 11 to 18) to enter the *New
Voices Cover Art Competition™*. Artwork must be produced by any electronic
method of pen, pencil, and ink, and entered in a JPG format. This
competition opens for entries August 1 and closes October 20.

EPIC's *ARIANA Art Competition™* celebrates art from imaginative and
eye-catching eBook covers with this prestigious award for superlative
ePublishing artwork, applauding the finest artwork of eBook publishing. This
competition opens for entries June 1 and closes July 15.

EPIC’s annual conference*, EPICon**™*, invites industry professionals to
share the latest eIndustry information, hone writing and editing skills, and
explore new markets and promotional ideas. Keynote luncheon speakers range
from world-renowned authors to established publishing houses to eBook and
print agents.

EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition™ was established in 1997
and is a global organization of published authors and industry-related
professionals who actively advocate continuing education and further
enlightenment of electronic publications. For more information about the
competitions and annual conference, please visit **.


-- Celia Kyle

Public Relations, EPIC

-- Debi Sullivan

Competitions Chair, EPIC


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