Monday, July 11, 2011

Coffee and Biscuits

Allow me to introduce today's victims er guests with some amazing books out. I hope you'll have plenty of questions for our guests.

Today we're featuring Cindy Cromer - author of Desperate Measures, a writer who is driven to succeed. Welcome Cindy, come on in and have a seat in one of the big comfy leather chairs.


thecromers said...

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself as the author of Desperate Measures. This has been such an exciting experience for me. I have always dreamed of writing a mystey novel. Please feel free to ask my any questions.

Cindy's Writing Studio

joybrooks said...

Hi All,

Cindy,Desperate Measures,sounds thrilling! I have two books at eTreasures and one novella. My second book, Sword of Virtue will be released this month. I'm really excited about it.

Joy Brooks