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Please welcome Elaine Howe

Please join me in welcoming Elaine Lowe and her special guest today.

Thank you Patricia, for letting William and I come visit your blog today. Will is the hero of my fun summer read, Magic Eights, available at Ellora’s Cave, and I’m sure you’ll welcome him with open arms.

First, a quick blurb for Magic Eights:
A casual wish by a frustratingly horny wife results in a most unexpected bit of magic…

Susanna walks into her kitchen to see two copies of her husband of eight years, William. When they both seduce her, she’s helpless to resist. Who would want to? When another copy walks in and makes love to her, and another, she ceases to ask why, only, how much can she take?

Seven copies, one original, and all of them want to push her to the very brink. Can she handle them all? Sinful satisfaction is the best anniversary present, and eight is Susanna’s lucky number.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? You know you want to sample a taste of it. An excerpt can be found here:

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for, talking to William Wong, the basis for each and every luscious copy in Magic Eights.

Hi William, how does it feel to be the star of your own adventure into magic?

(laughs) I’m still not quite sure what the hell happened actually. I think Esme managed to sneak some quality “magic” mushroom dust or something into that gift she sent to Susie, and both of us were hallucinating in the heat. But, I have to say, I’ve got no problem with the results of that particular trip. Anything that makes Susanna that happy has got to be a good thing. And hell, it’s San Francisco, we’ve got a pretty broadminded stance about that sort of thing around here.

Still in denial. How charming. How did it feel to be in multiple bodies at the same time?

Well, that was a unique experience. I felt like I should have woken up with the worst hangover headache of all time, trying to parse through eight different sets of thoughts, but somehow everything snapped together. And it’s not like I was trying to solve math equations or run a marathon in each different body…we all had the same goal, making Susanna very very happy. As she had a tough time walking the next day and has been incredibly bubbly and nice the past few days, I think we…I mean I….succeeded pretty damn well.

Do you think this experience, real or imagined, will have any impact on your relationship with your wife in the future?

You know, you think that after eight years of marriage that you know someone inside and out, but I’m constantly being surprised and intrigued by Susie. She’s an amazing woman. I think this whole thing simply brought out some of her erotic depths, made her have to tell me things she’s always wanted and was afraid I’d be scared off or something. Nothing could make me run from my woman. I love everything little thing about her, and all her wants and needs are incredibly arousing to me. I love pleasing her. I think we’re both more open now about what we want and need. I really do need to send Esme some kind of thank you gift!

Don’t worry, I promise that Esme will be having a fun time of her own very very soon. So, of all the trouble Susanna and your many selves got up to, which was your favorite adventure?

Oh man, you make a grown man blush. Do I really have to answer that?

Unless you want to disappoint all these intrepid readers?

Fine, fine. I really liked the dressing up part, ok. Susanna all naked and willing and me in all that starched getup was pretty hot, I have to say. I wouldn’t mind repeating the experience. Maybe with better boots. And more props. Susie would definitely get a kick out of that and it’s something we’ve never done.

Any other last words of advice for couples wanting to spice up their love lives?

Never be afraid to share what you really want, what you need. If you love each other, you want to please each other.

Woo, he’s one hot geek! He and Susanna are scorching hot and sweet in Magic Eights. Please check them out as well as my other books at my website:

Follow me on Twitter:!/elainelowe

Have fun and keep reading!

Elaine Lowe


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