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Going out of My Mind

An interview with Kellie Stone


Going Out of My Mind
By Kellie R. Stone

Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things.”
~ Ray Bradbury

I have always been creative. And, you know what “they” say: Write what you know. On my journey as a women’s life coach, I was forced to come to grips with my own areas of self-doubt and complacency. One area was desperately flawed…the one that repeatedly said, “Kellie, you have to be good at everything, teach everything, share everything!” As much as I wanted to believe I could be all that, I couldn’t. “So, what are you REALLY good at?” I asked myself. “Creating and making things more beautiful,” the REAL me answered. It was during that candid self-chat, I realized my target, my focus, was about to change. Instead of being all things to all people, I had to be who I was meant to be- a woman who understands how important creativity is to a happy, fulfilling life.
Within my newly found creativity niche, I realized something else: People need to understand how to reach the authentic, higher levels of creativity, and I need to teach them. Wow! That was a mind-blowing epiphany! I was listening to a recorded interview, featuring spiritual teacher and author, Neale Donald Walsh. He spoke of the kind of creativity that comes from outside of your own mind, an inspiration of divine proportion. I knew instantly that was my angle! Out of your mind creativity.
Though creativity is a broad subject, I chose to keep it simple with my first attempt to write about what was in my heart. So, I started my mini-book that very day. It became imperative for me to recall the times when creativity seemed to just happen, when I didn’t think, I just did. “There are no creative mistakes made when you allow yourself to explore outside the confines of your brain,” I continued to tell myself. It felt fantastic, knowing I’d listened to my authentic self and followed through with my purpose. That truly is the purpose of Are You Out Of Your Freakin’ Mind?. It is my deepest desire that others find a spark of inspiration within its pages, one that carries them out of their minds.

The book takes readers on a short journey to a sacred place, where creative expression and freedom become second nature. Through a series of simple exercises and candid real-life experiences, I hope to ignite deep creative passions, ones that may have been buried for a long time. I know that creative blocks are real for so many people; therefore, the book focuses on positive, creative awakening that gives inspiration for obliterating hindrances to follow through and consistency. I’ve often struggled with mental barriers while attempting to BE creative. By conquering these interruptions in my own life, I found a valid blueprint for teaching others how to allow self-confidence and radiant creative endeavors to come to the forefront. Artists, entrepreneurs, designers, teachers, writers, hobbyists, and anyone who desires creative change, are challenged to “get out of their minds” and live from a sacred, authentic place, from which life-changing ideas and gifts flow freely.
Though I write about other topics on my blog, Women’s Life Link, creativity is a staple. I believe it’s a foundation for everything else in life. It’s the way to reach goals and fulfill dreams. Without it, we die. I know that sounds extreme, but try to go any length of time without creating. A part of you does wither. That’s one reason I hope people continue to expand their creative journeys every day. In addition to Are You Out of Your Freakin’ Mind?...break mental barriers and live from your sacred, creative space, readers can glean from the resources provided at the book’s official site,, and, of course, I do currently have another book in the works called, The Butterfly Payoff: a woman’s guide to discovering purpose, fulfilling dreams, and getting paid for it, due to be released later this year.

Are You Out of Your Freakin’ Mind? is available at the following vendors:

Kindle Version from Amazon

Nook Version from Barnes & Noble

Sony Reader Version

iTunes Version

For a PDF version, please contact Kellie at

Kellie is a Creative Journey Coach and Intuitive Reader who received her certification through Karen Coffey and The Hope of Humanity Foundation. She is also an ordained Journey Pastor and counselor through Glory River Ministries. As a writer, her articles have been published on, All Things Chic, Time Finders Magazine, Spiritual Life and Living, and many other blogs and e-zines.


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KellieS said…
Thanks for sharing about me and my book! I appreciate it!

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