Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years a time for reflection

It seems hard to believe but we are once again at December 31st, New Years Eve for most of us. For me this is a time of reflection on what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish. Unlike some, I don't make a New Years resolution - frankly I'm not awake at midnight so what would be the point?

Too often people make these resolutions with all the best intentions but how often do we see them through. Not too often. I'm one of the those guilty parties - make a resolution and then when it comes time to actually do something constructive that would give me the resolution, well I'm busy. So for me, this time of year has become about reflecting on where I am.

Where have I been? What have I done? Have I finished everything I wanted or needed to be successful? If I can answer positively to these questions, my year is ending on a positive note. Yes, I am a writer, but my reflecting doesn't always apply to my writing. Nope its only a part of it. I look at everything in my life and reflect on the bigger picture.

For the most part I'm happy with 2012. There were a few things I missed on but hey, that's where 2013 comes in lol. Professionally, I did amazing this past year. I got out four books - all full length and one novella and next year is looking to be pretty good as well. I do need to work on setting time aside for the dreaded marketing/promotional aspect of the business but overall that's something anyone with a business to run needs to do. I made some really great friends connected to the industry and got some awesome and amazing help from them - you know who you are lol.

Managed to get some time spent with family - more than I had anticipated but not as much as I'd have liked so I'm going to work on that next year. Though, some family is simply too far away to spend time with but a call never hurt anyone lol. I know this coming year, I do intend to spend a heap more time with my son - he's growing so fast pretty soon hanging with mom won't be cool.

Personally, the year was good and will get better next year. So I can't complain on that front at all. Its great to have the love and support of the people in your life.

2013 will be my year professionally though. This I have decided and I know what I need to do...and how I am going to do it. So here's to the New Year and its many blessings. Now, what about you? What are your resolutions or reflections? Did 2012 do everything you wanted it to? What about 2013 - what do you plan/hope for in the coming year?

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