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About Breathless Press:

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.


Donovan's Deal by Lee Brazil


Making a family is harder than keeping house. Donovan's patience is wearing thin, but Mischa needs time to make things right. Will Christmas bring heartache or compromise?

Mischa Blake needs the relaxation of the Blake brothers' weekly poker games now more than ever as he feels the pressure of his responsibilities as a parent, partner, and student multiplying. When one of his siblings proposes reviving their game of Truth or Dare, Mischa revolts. Instead, they all agree to share a truth, and Mischa has to decide how much of his domestic situation to share with his family.

The frantic pace of life is overwhelming, and Mischa has begun to let things slide. With the holidays just around the corner, he figures his current situation is a temporary thing. When he misses one of his son's soccer game that Donovan left work early to attend, time runs out.

Upset by the hurt in their son's eyes, Donovan decides that something must be done. He's worried that he's pushed Mischa into doing things at the wrong time, pushed his dreams on his young lover, just pushed too hard for too much in general.

In a desperate attempt to get Mischa to think about what he wants instead of what Donovan wants, Donovan issues an ultimatum. He sends Mischa away with orders to think about his priorities.


"Where have you been, Mischa?"

It took a moment for the impact of the question to soak into his lust dazed mind. But he got it. Furious, he pushed Donovan's hands off and stepped back. "What do you mean where have I been? Last time I checked, I was an adult capable of coming and going as I pleased."

"That's funny. Really. Because last time I checked you and I were partners, the next best thing to married and the fathers of a disturbed child who needs structure, routine and love."

Donovan's voice lost its reasonable tone and his anger was clear. Tough. Fury coursed through Mischa's veins. Was Donovan suggesting somehow that he was at fault? "I am still your partner, and Matt's father. But that doesn't mean I don't have other responsibilities and can just hang around here picking up after the two of you."

"Is that how you see us? Responsibilities? I guess that answers me pretty neatly, doesn't it?"

His jaw worked furiously. Fist clenched at his side, Mischa opened his mouth to speak.

"Just...stop. Whatever clever, rebellious retort you're about to make, hold on to it. Don't say something you can't unsay, just, please listen to me." Donovan interrupted him.

Mischa drew in a long deep breath. Yeah, what he'd probably been about to say might have hurt someone's feelings...but what about his feelings? He nodded.

"I pushed you into too much, too quickly. The last three years should have been you enjoying college, us enjoying each other, and instead, I pushed you to adopt and be a parent. It was too much. But I could swear that you loved him as much as I did the moment we set eyes on Matt."

Heart aching, Mischa whispered, "I did." What the fuck was going on? Why did it sound like Donovan was breaking up with him?

"The thing is, Mischa. We're adults. We made all the choices and Matt got pulled along with us. Now, I understand how you could want to be free, to hang out with your friends, go to parties and..." He waved a hand. "Do whatever you want."

A warming flush spread over his face and Mischa lost all interest in sex. "What are you talking about?"

"You were supposed to be here to go to the soccer game with us. You said you were going to the library. You disappeared. Ran off with Dex and Trick without even bothering to tell us where you were going, because I'm damn sure you didn't take those two to the library with you! How do you suppose that made me feel? How do you think it made Matt feel?"

Biting his lip, Mischa stared at his lover. "I..."

"I'm an adult and I can handle it, Mischa. But Matt is a child and he's been hurt by enough people who are supposed to care for him. I can't let you keep hurting him like that."

"I love Matt. I'd never hurt him."

"Your not being here hurts him, Mischa." Donovan met his gaze steadily. "You need to take the weekend and think this through."


Teaching Teacher by Raven McAllan


Finding love in a new town had not been in Seb's plans. But life has a tendency to throw you curveballs – like Ruari.

When the new head teacher walks into his bar, Ruari knows he has to have him, and damn the consequences. When lust turns to love, nothing else matters. Together they will overcome, no matter what. Or will circumstances drive them apart?


Ruari's head was spinning, his arms were stiff, his cock ached, and he wanted to be alone with Seb. It seemed like hours, but was probably no more than forty-five minutes, before he judged they could leave his bar staff to finish off. He swung behind the bar, grabbed a surprised Seb, and kissed him full on the lips. Cheers and catcalls sounded from the people around the bar.

"You." He finished off with a squeeze to Seb's ass, "are a fucking star. Definitely, a fucking star."

"Too much info, boss." Dave was smirking at him.

Oh fucking shit. He realized where he was. Bollocks and buggery and any other appropriate epithets. How the hell was he going to sort this monumental cock-up out? He chanced a look at Seb's expression, and sighed inwardly with relief. Seb was laughing.

"Feet. Mouth into?" Seb asked him.

He nodded. "As Ever. Okay we're finished here. Coffee?"

Seb nodded. Kizzy, who had walked up to them unnoticed made a face, and sniggered. "That is the most pathetic euphemism I've heard boss. Coffee. Hah!" She carried on past them, still sniggering.

"Gotcha there, Boss." Dave patted him on the back. "Take yourself off for er coffee. Don't forget the Swiss roll with it."

"Hells bells." Ruari almost pushed Seb through the door and into the stairwell of his flat. "Are you sure you still want to take a chance on me. I shouldn't be let out without a keeper. And my lips sealed."

Seb pulled him tightly towards his body. Cock found cock and reacted in the best possible way. "Oh, you're not reneging now, boss man." Seb moved so his cock surged upwards. "All that is so easily arranged."

"Huh?" He was so caught up in the sensations of Seb hard against him, he'd lost the thread of the conversation.

"Lips sealed and a keeper. I'll be happy to be in change of all that. Soon." Seb said.

"Okay, so, first we have coffee?"

Seb smiled and squeezed Ruari's arm. "Coffee, where's your car?"


Merry Christmas, Shelton by Dianne Hartsock


Can Shelton and Nevil overcome the obstacles of a blizzard, a baby, and one hot redhead and find their way to a merry Christmas?

Shelton and Nevil have rented a cozy cabin in the mountains in which to spend the Christmas holiday. Tree is lit. Presents sparkle. Shelton anticipates a very merry Christmas indeed. But then a blizzard springs up, landing a sexy redhead on their doorstep looking like trouble in a pretty package.

Tommy brings a message for Nevil, but when he first hits on Shelton in the shower, then offers to drive Nevil to his sister's side while she has her baby, Shelton begins to wonder just how this mixed up Christmas is going to end.


Shelton woke from a sound sleep, disoriented by a pounding on the door. He untangled from Nevil and sat up, heart racing. A glance at the clock showed it was barely three o'clock in the morning. What the hell? The pounding resumed and he scrambled to his feet, taking a second to slip on sweat pants before unlocking the door. The wind had died down and Shelton blinked at the snow piled up against the cabin walls. A slight figure huddled on the step, illuminated by the porch light, and without hesitation Shelton drew him into the warmth of the room, closing the door on the bitter night.

"What's happened?"

Shelton jumped a little at Nevil's voice and blinked as the light went on overhead. There was a gasp from the bundle under his hand and he searched the pale face the young man raised. The pretty blue eyes weren't looking at him and he followed his gaze to where his lover stood in all his naked splendor. Nevil scowled at their interest and pulled on the cotton pajama bottoms he'd picked up.

Shelton gave the boy a slight shake, knocking snow off his jacket and cap. "God, you're soaked through! You need to get out of those clothes. Nevil, can you stir up the fire?"

"Of course."

As if knowing his danger, the young man stripped off his coat and sopping shirt while Shelton unlaced his boots and carefully slipped them off, leaving the socks for now. Ski pants and under armor were lowered and the young man leaned a hand on Shelton's shoulder as he stepped out of them. Shelton glanced up and found himself on eye level with a pair of dark boxers that did little to cover the treasures beneath. His gaze swept up a tight stomach and muscular chest and clashed with laughing eyes. Trouble!

He cleared his throat. "Come to the fire and I'll check for frostbite."

The young man followed him, lifting the cap off a shock of copper hair. He sat on the quilts and Nevil draped one over his shoulders while Shelton knelt beside him. "Hands first," he said and slid the wet gloves by careful inches off his hands. The skin felt cold and white, but the fingertips weren't blue. "Can you move them?"

He looked up when the young man didn't answer and met his puzzled gaze. "You're really concerned, aren't you?"

The man sounded slightly amused and Shelton felt the blush in his cheeks as he answered, "Yes. I saw a boy with frostbite last winter, in Colorado. It was...painful to witness. Let's check those toes."

He removed the damp socks with the same care as the gloves, and sighed in relief when the boy wiggled each toe. Nevil snorted from where he leaned against the mantle watching the proceedings. "Now that we know nothing is going to fall off, can you tell us what the hell you're doing here?"

"Tera Shaw left a message for you at the lodge." He smirked when Nevil straightened, tense. "I volunteered to bring it. She says she's fine, but that they're admitting her to the hospital in the morning. She'd like you to be there as soon as you can."

"I'll go immediately."

"No, sir. The snow's not too bad at the lodge, but worse up here. We'll have to wait for the snowplow to get your car out."

Nevil paced the room, cursing under his breath. Shelton heard the young man's breath quicken as he watched the lithe movements of the sleek body, and frowned. "What's your name?" he asked as a distraction. "Tommy."

Of course it was. A cute name for a pretty face and sexy, youthful body.Damn.

"Well, Tommy, thanks for risking your neck for us. Why don't you get some sleep here by the fire?" Shelton climbed stiffly to his feet and went to Nevil's side. "Come to bed, honey." Nevil grunted and Shelton slid an arm around his waist. "Try to sleep, at least a little. It's going to be a long day tomorrow."

Nevil relaxed against him. "You're right." He allowed Shelton to lead him to their room, and paused in the doorway to glance back at Tommy. "Thanks, man."

"My pleasure," Tommy said with a purr.

Shelton's lips thinned at the interest in the young man's gaze and tugged Nevil into the room, purposefully closing the door. He pushed his lover on the bed, cuddled up to him under the blankets, and held him close until they slept.


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